How Odoo Ecommerce Can Help You Set-Up An Online Store

If you are thinking that you just have to create a business profile, add products, offer price and you’ll be done then it is time that you think again. Because opening an online store requires the same level of attention to detail and efforts to manage the inventory as you do onsite. To assist you in this quest, we have done all the legwork and complied this article that outlines how using an online SaaS application, Odoo eCommerce specifically, can ease the process of creating an e-store and manage it efficiently. Moreover, you can always consult Techloyce Odoo partner and Odoo CRM Consultant to get customize Odoo ERP Implementation and Odoo Training to smoothly run or operate the Odoo eCommerce app.

After the pandemic, the world has been hit by a sudden shift from brick and mortar to e-commerce. There are two reasons behind this, first, the local traveling ban, and secondly, the risk of contracting COVID. In such a situation, nor the customer can go out to physically assess the quality, and texture of the wearable neither they can touch the product to read the description before buying. At the same time, the business cannot open stores. So, the only option left is to attract and delight customers by opening an online store.

6 Ways Odoo Ecommerce App Can Boost Estore Set-Up Process

Like I said above that setting up an online store requires technical skills. In addition to this, a business owner has to do market research to know where it stands in comparison with a competitor. Along with this, selecting the right platform and ensuring that payment gateways offer complete security to buyers, cataloging products, and synchronizing the inventory to the store, is of equal importance.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy by opting for the Odoo eCommerce application.

1. Website Builder

Odoo offers a complete website suit that contains all essential elements require for a successful store establishment. To create a great front-face of an e-store, you can simply use the drag-and-drop feature to drop elements on the dashboard. If you think that designing an e-store from starch is not your cup of tea, then you can use the pre-built template and customize it to match your business preference.

2. Product Catalog & Display Customization

Designing the front of a website is not enough, therefore when it comes to eCommerce, the most important thing is how you present your product, display description, and add buttons to ease the buyer journey. And, the best part is, Odoo offers you the freedom to customize the product display right from the product display panel. For this, you won’t have to switch tabs, go back and forth to preview changes.

3. Front & Backend Customization

Unlike other e-store platforms, Odoo has two dashboards, one that allows you to manage the website from display to marketing. The other one, allows you to manage the inventory, process orders, create invoices, and process payment.

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4. Customer Profile & Portal

When people are shopping online they need everything in order, like what orders they have made in past, pending and active orders. And, this is exactly where Odoo apps come in handy. It provides a customer portal that customers and merchants can use to communicate. Moreover, it can be used as a marketing tool too. Wondering How? Well, in terms of product recommendation. You can use the AI bot to recommend products to customers at every step from cart view to check-out point.

5. Payment Integration & Shipping Method

Another reason Odoo eCommerce is the best application is, it allows the merchant to integrate multiple payment gateways. Moreover, there are multiple pre-integrated gateways available that one can use. On top of this, Odoo is open source. This means, by consulting Odoo partners and Odoo Consultant at Techloyce you can customize the payment processing and billing workflow.

Additionally, you can select the shipping method from the category and get your store up and running. Since the merchant has to be vigilant about coming and process orders, one can opt for automation. It will allow you to create a custom workflow where merchants get notified instantly when an order is receive or dispatch is over-dewed. Lastly, the customer can actively track the order.

6.  Odoo In-house app integration

Lastly, Odoo eCommerce is pre-integrated with other Odoo applications such as Blog, Sales, and Email Marketing. Every application offers a unique set of features that e-store owners can utilize without switching between applications.


Setting up an online store has become the need of time because of the benefits it offers in terms of ease of ordering, contactless payment, multiple options to choose from, and competitive pricing. However, when it comes to merchants delaying the migration means losing a huge chunk of potential customers to a competitor. Hence, to ease the migration process, it is recommended to use eCommerce applications, such as Odoo eCommerce.