How to Attract Millennials to Your Next Event?

Millennials are young people in their twenties and thirties. They now constitute the biggest portion of the world population. So, the twenty-first century is often termed as the era of millennials. People from this generation are quite confident, selfless, and free-spirited who love experimentation and traveling.

Millennials have now become consumers, so business organizations try to optimize their beliefs, selling strategies, and branding campaigns to attract them. The event industry in the United Arab Emirates is working hard to gain the attention and approval of this young generation in order to create memorable events.

Keep exploring this article in detail if you are also suffering to gain the attention of millennials. It intends to highlight how you can attract millennials to your next event.

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Top 5 Tips to Keep the Millennials Hooked to Your Event

The young generation is quite spontaneous and free-spirited. They get motivation through experimentation, valuing each other, and exploring new ideas. They cannot tolerate the same old boring routine or concepts in anything. Therefore, pleasing the young generation has become a real challenge for business organizations and brands. They do not hesitate to leave the brand activation and promotion events if they are not up to their level.

Here are some of the tested tips to keep the millennials hooked to your event.

1. Use Technology to Attract Them

Millennials are the production of the era of technology. They have grown up with it, due to which it is an unforgettable part of their life. If you ignore the use of the latest technology in your event, you are actually repelling the young generation instead of attracting them. You can take ideas and inspiration from the following points:

  • Develop event website
  • Share event app
  • Offer free Wi-Fi
  • Arrange charging stations
  • Include QR code scanning
  • Incorporate touchscreen kiosks

Including a few or all of these points require proper technological set up in the events. It motivates event organizers to acquire the support of an experiential event agency in Dubai to ensure proper arrangement and create a valuable experience for the attendees.

2. Embrace Social Media in your Events

Social media has become the greatest addiction for the young generation. If your event is not on social media, it will not grab the attention of the attendees. Moreover, they will be too bore to spend even a few minutes, let alone hours at the event venue. Embrace social media platforms in your events and ensure audience engagement. You can learn from these points;

  • Go live on Facebook
  • Create Instagram polls
  • Create trending Twitter hashtags
  • Develop custom snap chat filters
  • Organize social media contest
  • Let the winners take over social media

3. Boost Up Engagement and Interaction

The young generation is quite outgoing. They will find the means of starting the conversation and getting along with like-minded people. Otherwise, the events would be too boring and unacceptable for them. You still have the responsibility of providing them the perfect platform and creating opportunities to boost their interaction. You can pick a few ideas here:

  • Create interaction opportunities
  • Ensure learning and growth prospects
  • Listen to attendees’ voice
  • Include networking activities
  • Promote competition through games
  • Keep everyone on tiptoes

4. Pay Attention to Visual Appeals

The young generation values aesthetics greatly. The visual appeals matter a lot for them. If you are organizing an event that is full of creative and rich content, however, you do not pay attention to the venue, you are disappointing the millennials.

Working on your event objectives, goals, and agendas is not enough to ensure a valuable experience. The venue is equally important. So, learn from these tips and pay attention to the visual appeal of your venue:

  • Take care of the floor plan
  • Make lighting the highlight
  • Include photo booths
  • Do not forget AR/VR technology
  • Pay attention to all nooks and corners
  • Promote sustainability

5. Optimize the Food Section

Food is another weakness of the millennials. They are always eager to test their taste buds. Moreover, no event can be appealing without a few food options. Including the lightweight snacks and refreshment are not enough to please the millennials. You have to pay proper attention and optimize your food section to make it the pulling force of the event. you can consider the following options:

  • Make food visually appealing
  • Ensure Instagram worthy decoration
  • Prioritize healthy and organic options
  • Do not forget water, along with other drinks
  • Include social media chefs
  • Offer a wide variety

Paying equal and expert-level attention to all the sections of your event is necessary to hook the millennials. You can hire an experiential event agency in Dubai to ensure all the arrangements are perfect for boosting the experience of attendees and keeping them immersed.

Follow the tips and keep millennials engaged!

If your audience is not satisfied with the event, it can never achieve success. So, you have to keep in mind the interests and preferences of your target audience while planning the event. All of this can prove to be a hassle that impacts your performance. In such times, you can find support in professionals and let them take charge of all the important matters and arrange the stage for you, according to the expectations of your target audience.

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