How To Become Better Park Player In NBA 2K22

In this guide, we list some tips about NBA 2K22. We’re going to talk about when the game first comes out, what you should do and what you shouldn’t do and what will make you a better overall player, and why you should collect MT NBA 2K22. So you can enjoy NBA2K 22 because you can’t enjoy the game unless you have the right build and you can’t enjoy the right build if you got the right badges.

Play your role or pick

Let the team know if you are trying new things so that the entire team can adjust this is extremely important because you want your point guard whoever’s conducting the offense to know the exact role that you’ll be playing with the team. So if you’re on a build that’s primarily shooting, let your team know you got a shooter out there. If you’re on a build that can’t really shoot well, it’s really important that you let your point guard know that your player cannot shoot well. So you can properly place yourself on the floor and set yourself up for better finishing options.


Communication is the key to winning games. Let your teammates know the plan on offense and defense. No one likes a bullhog. Nobody wants to see a player dribble the shot clock away share the rock and get people involved. Most importantly and most of all, you just need to have fun out there, don’t be toxic and that’ll ensure the quality of people you play with. 

You need badges

You need your badges, do not just go to the park with no badges and you can’t see your player’s full potential, you need your badges in 2K, in general, this all started a couple of years ago but like your badges really made your player whether it’s gonna be good or not you need your badge. So definitely go into My Career or do the little missions throughout the city and just get your badges. You gonna see your player really perform even better with the badge.

Prepare enough NBA 2K22 MT

Even if you’ve raised the top five with superstars, you still need a stable support lineup if you’re going to shine in the game. That’s why you should collect large amounts of 2K22 MT coins. Only with MT NBA 2K22 can you buy cards, unlock powerful players and build an unparalleled team of top players (including former and current NBA players). To ensure that you have a valuable advantage in competitive online mode, please improve your team and beat competitors!

Find good teammates

Find a squad that has chemistry, do not play with randoms because nine times out of ten the lineup is not right, you can’t run with three slashers on the same team, you need a big man, you need a ball handler, you can bring that slasher. You need people that can score in different ways and not just all be the same. Do not play with randoms, be smart when you’re playing, play with your friends.

Stick to your build and your position

Stick to your role in your position if you’re a slasher, what does that mean to set the screens go in and out cut the back door. Try to get the alley fast breaks baseline like those are the things you’re doing constantly. Constantly being a slasher is not just waiting for the ball being a slasher is slashing you’re going back and forth to the rim back out to the three back and forth to the rim just over and over like just don’t stand somewhere and just wait for the ball, and then play no if your guy has the ball, play your row set the screen-roll off of it run to the hoop because slashing and being a dunk is very op. So if your ball handle doesn’t pick up on that then you ain’t really rolling with the right ball handler. You need somebody with IQ especially trying to be a slasher as well.