How To Check The Best Quality Of English Willow Cricket Bat

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Many of you may not know HOW TO CHECK the quality of an English willow cricket bat. Well, let me tell you about it. There are different types of cricket bats available in the market and you should choose one depending on the type of cricket that you are playing. If you want to play for a team in a tournament or just want to play a friendly game against friends then it is very important to get the best quality of bat so that you can give your best shot. Read on to discover some tips which can help you check the quality of an English willow bat.


The first thing you should do is to make sure the bat is made up of a good sturdy wood. You need to make sure that the quality of the wood is good. If the bat is made up of cheap wood then there are chances that it will break very soon. There are many manufacturers who make bat with good quality but then they charge a pretty high price for it.

Weight of the Cricket Bats

The next thing you should look out for is the weight of the bat. The weight of the bat is very important because it can determine whether the ball can be hit harder or not. The higher the weight of the bat, the higher the speed of the ball. This helps the batsman in determining how hard he wants to hit the ball. There are bats which are lighter in weight but cost much more than others. Therefore, it is important to find out the quality of the wood and then check it against the price.

Then the color is another important factor you should be aware of. The color of the bat can have a great impact on your performance. If you buying a bat then it is recommend that you check it with a good color swab before purchasing it. You should try to buy the bat in a color which suits your personality. Then you should check the length of the bat. This depends on the height of the person and the standard of playing cricket bats. If you are a professional player then you need a longer bat. If you are a recreational player then you may need a shorter bat. The length of the bat will be based on the speed of the swing and the strength of the swing.

Height of the Bat

It is also necessary to check the height of the bat. This is mostly of two kinds – short and tall. If you are short and want to make maximum use of your skills then you should choose a short bat. Cricket bats  on the other hand if you are tall and want to make maximum use of your skills then you should go for a tall bat. If you need a new bat then you should go for a factory new bat. But if you want to make sure that the bat is not damaged then you can check it for damage by gently touching it. You should make sure that the bat is not damaged and if it is you then you should sell it otherwise buy it.


In addition to all these things you should also consider the brand and type of the bat. If you find a bat which fits all your requirements then just go for it. Otherwise if you are confused and do not know which one is the best for you then you should always opt for a branded bat as they are the best and will last longer.

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