How to Choose a Decent Animation Studio: What to Look For First

Animation can be useful to you for a variety of purposes. This could be marketing, web design, product video creation, or even a full-fledged video game. The final product must be of high quality, because looking at it, customers will judge your professionalism and advancement.

It is very important to choose a good studio with extensive experience, which is well oriented in the direction you need. We have selected a special 3D animation studios list of things that you need to pay attention to when choosing a partner. So let’s go!

What Was Done: Portfolio

Some things may not be obvious. But this is definitely not the case for the portfolio. This is a list of works that the company has done for other clients and that have been approved for public demonstration. Some companies do this in the form of a showreel, but often it’s still a separate page on the site with works posted in different categories.

Looking at them, you should ask yourself if this style suits you. Is this company working in the direction you need? Many studios have a specific specialization. For example, Kevuru Games video game design company operates in the gaming industry, providing services for the creation of game art and animation. Other studios focus on product and promotional videos. It is important that your future partner has exactly the specialization that will help you achieve your goal.

Works should not be stereotyped. Good animation should catch the eye and make you watch it to the end. The portfolio allows you to immediately determine how much the approach of the chosen company suits you.

Years in the Market

Of course, you might immediately argue that newly launched companies can be more creative. On the one hand, this may be so. But creativity alone is not enough to create a good animation. Now almost everyone uses animation videos for their purposes, so the competition is extremely high. Animation made by inexperienced people can be a fatal step in your business promotion.

Studios that have been in the animation industry for many years understand what a product is needed to achieve success. They are much better at understanding the trends and intricacies of animation for different types of business. They can offer you not only their enthusiasm, but also counter ideas, telling you what might work best for your project. So be sure to pay attention to how long the company has been in the animation industry.

People Speak: Previous Customer Reviews

This factor cannot be overlooked. What can say about the company better than comments from people who have already entrusted them with their precious projects? Each studio has a testimonial section on its website. You can easily go there and see a lot of interesting things about building a workflow, meeting deadlines, and how expectations matched reality.

The authenticity of reviews is usually unquestionable. The studios place the name of the company that was their client under them. Testimonials are always agreed in advance since the use of the client’s company name is a very important point regarding the confidentiality of information. Therefore, the likelihood that the team itself wrote a review and issues it as genuine is virtually zero.

The company will always say only good things about itself. But reviews can bring more reality to this. Be sure to pay attention to them.

Agree on the Price and Service Package

Once you’ve reviewed the portfolio, experiences, and testimonials of other clients, you can move on to the next step. Ask the company for an initial estimate of the cost of your project, providing the team with basic information about it and your goals. Experienced companies give this estimate within 2-3 days, and it is usually fairly accurate and specific in terms of budget and supposed timeline. Inexperienced companies will not be able to advise you on such things. If the studio has the experience, but for some reason refuses to name specific numbers, then reconsider your attitude towards it. Perhaps it has some gaps in project management and the correct establishment of work processes. And it makes sense not to settle on this candidate.

Final Words

We have offered for your consideration a 3D animation studio list of the main factors, which it is better to take a closer look at before choosing a partner. A good 3D animation studio combines all the best of the qualities we have indicated and fully corresponds to the task that you are going to entrust it to. Choose wisely and let your animations surprise your customers!