How To Choose A Good Table

It is difficult to imagine a kitchen without a dining table and a living room without a small coffee table. Tables and tables complement the interior and often become its striking detail. Before buying, you need to understand what kind of table you need, decide on the material from which it will be made.

 1.Determine the appointment

Tables come in a variety of shapes and are suitable for a variety of tasks.

The kitchen most often needs a dining table with a large worktop that can accommodate the whole family. If there is not much space in the kitchen, you should consider buying a folding table: when assembled, it will not interfere.

The serving table will come in handy for those who like to receive guests, arrange big dinners and parties. This is a table with wheels and several tabletops, which are located one above the other. Suitable for quickly delivering dishes to guests and then removing the dishes. If desired, this table can be used to store spices, small dishes and other kitchen utensils.

A small coffee table is an attribute of the living room. Such models are installed near sofas and armchairs. You can store various tiny things on the coffee table, place drinks and snacks.

 2. Find a suitable countertop shape.

Classic tabletops are square and rectangular, oval and round. In stores, you can find models with triangular tabletops, tables of non-standard shapes.

Square and rectangular shapes are versatile options. These tables can be placed right next to the wall, especially if you have a small kitchen.

Round and oval tables look good. A particularly successful solution is the round dining table, which allows all family members or guests to sit in such a way as to see each other. Among the disadvantages: such a table requires quite a lot of space, so round and oval models are often placed in spacious dining rooms.

Countertops of non-standard shape most often distinguish coffee tables are most often characterised by countertops of non-standard form. They will look good in an unusual interior, and they will give individuality to any living room.

 3. Pay attention to the material.

The material from which the tabletop is made is no less important than its shape. Tabletops are made of wood, laminated chipboard and MDF, glass, stone, marble, plastic.

Table manufactures can provide you with a lot of options. Tables with plastic tops are among the most inexpensive. Their base is most often made of metal or plastic. Such tables and tables are most often bought for the country house or on the balcony. Plastic tolerates terrible weather, is easy to clean, can last for several years without losing its appearance.

Solid wood is a stylish classic. A wooden table looks expensive, lasts a long time, but is also not cheap. It will fit into almost any interior, from classics and country to Scandinavian style and loft.

 4. Choose size

The size of coffee tables and other decorative tables is most often determined by the personal preferences of the homeowners and the amount of free space. Everything here is individual, so there is no universal recommendation.

The situation is different with the size of the dining table. It is believed that one person at the table needs to allocate a 60 × 35 cm rectangle. This is the place that is required in order to dishes in the middle of the table.