How to Choose the Best Designer Glasses Frames for Your Face

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of designer glasses frames, you don’t want to find out that you look more like a bee than a human being, with the frames overpowering your features.

After all, you’ll be paying a pretty penny for those beautiful frames, so you’ll want to pick the right ones for your face shape. Read on for our thorough breakdown of the best glasses frames you can pick according to your face shape.

Picking Designer Glasses Frames for Oval Faces

Let’s start with the oval face shape, simply because it’s one of the most common shapes out there. If you’re unfamiliar with your own face shape, you can determine which one fits you by looking at your face in the mirror. If you have bangs or hairpieces around your face, clip them back. Then, take an erasable marker and trace your face. Whatever shape that outline takes, that’s your face shape.

If it happens to resemble an oval, you’ve lucked out. The oval face shape provides balanced proportions. Thus, whatever frame you choose will look good on you. However, if you’re looking for the ‘wow’ effect, then go for frames that are either as wide or wider than the broadest part of your face.

Moreover, walnut-shaped frames are also a great choice.

Frames for the Heart-Shaped Face

The key characteristic of a heart-shaped face would be the wide top third and the narrow bottom third of the face.

You’ll want to pick designer glasses frames that are a bit wider at the bottom for an equalizing effect. Light-colored frames or rimless frames can also give an airy appearance.

Frames for the Round Face

With a face that’s round in shape and full of curved lines, you’ll want to aim for frames that provide a thinning and elongating effect to lengthen your face.

You can’t go wrong with angular and narrow eyeglass frames, as well as ones with a clear bridge. Rectangular frames that are wider than they are deep can be quite stunning as well.

Frames for the Square Face

Coming in with a strong jaw and a broad forehead, you’ll want to pick frames that can soften the face and its angular points a bit.

For instance, narrow frame styles, and frames that are wider than they are deep can all provide a softer hue to the face. The same theory applies to narrow oval frames.

Frames for the Diamond Face

Diamond-shaped faces tend to have a narrow forehead and jawline. Besides, they’re more likely than not to have high and broad cheekbones.

To add a sense of balance to this face shape, and a highlighting effect for the eyes, you can pick frames that have distinctive brow lines. Cat-eye frames can soften the sharpness of the cheekbones as well.

Ready to Change up Your Eye Looks?

Investing in the right pair of designer glasses frames can truly transform your style. After all, it’s the single piece of apparel that you’ll probably be wearing every single day.

We hope that our small guide helped explore the appropriate eyeglass frames according to your face shape. And remember, you might want to go for a bit of color to greet the new year properly.