How to Create Augmented Reality 3D Models

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The Augmented Reality , though we often do not realize, is already integrated in many daily activities and in the business arena . Anyone in the world knows the game of Pokémon GO (or has at least heard of it), but since then Augmented Reality has made great strides and has become fundamental for:

  • amplify the emotional connection with the potential customer;
  • reduce the communicative distance making it more direct and personal;
  • improve the user experience of the products;
  • multiply the information available.

What is augmented reality (AR)

Interactive magazines, windshields that guide you through traffic, paintings that come to life. It’s called augmented reality and it’s a technology that uses the displays of mobile devices, wearable devices, vehicle windows and interactive shop windows to add information to what we see. The application horizons are almost infinite: from automotive to manufacturing to smart packaging to operations.

In summary, AR is a vision of the physical / real environment with the addition of computer-generated images, which overlap the tangible plane and thus change the perception of the surrounding reality.

But how and when was this technology born? The first use dates back to the 90s, especially in the military sector. From the 2000s onwards , thanks to the advent of smartphones, technology has been rediscovered for commercial use, with the help of interactivity and 3D models .

To date it is instead necessary to define macro-categories to differentiate some uses and types of Augmented Reality:

  • Marker-less
  • Marker-based
  • Projection-based
  • Superimposition-based

How can this technology be implemented or tested?

As you can easily imagine, this is certainly the first question that each of us asks upon first contact with this technology.

Knowing the possible types of data, we are also able to establish a series of possible devices on which it will be possible to perform the AR: monitors, smart mirrors, portable devices, smartphones, smart glasses and so on.

In summary, it is sufficient to have a device with display and graphics engine available (obviously, there will be minimum requirements based on use).

Augmented Reality App for smartphones and tablets:

Augment – 3D Augmented Reality:

I’m going to tell you about one of the best app that is designed and made to help with 3D Augmented reality. This app name is Augment – 3D Augmented Reality. This app has been downloaded more that 1 million times.

It is an App created ad hoc for surveyors , architects , interior design professionals or for anyone who works with 3D models , which uses Augmented Reality in order to make it easy to present a project.

The Extrude AR App is based on the recognition of a Tag , such as your paper plan, through the use of the camera of a mobile device ( iphone , ipad or any smartphone or tablet ).

Once recognized, the device will perform a Real Time Rendering and the 3D model of the project will appear directly on the 2D map.

Let your customers grasp every detail , while viewing 3D you can:

frame the 3D model in different angles and take the screenshot ;

share photos on social networks or with whoever you want;

interact with the 3D model by making information text boxes, images and videos appear;

excite the customer

Augmented Reality App image in which you see the complete project displayed in AR modeImage App Augmented Reality AR Extrude furniture detail

App for all devices – how it works:

Airlapp has developed both an android app and an ios app to be able to use them with the most used mobile devices, in order to provide you with a high-tech tool without forcing you to invest in expensive hardware equipment.

Through the use of augmented reality android and ios you can save money by avoiding the use of rendering and innovating the service offered to your customers.

One of the innumerable potentials of the technology we develop lies in the possibility of having all the projects in all their characteristics and all their variants at hand thanks to a smartphone or tablet, allowing an easy, direct, mobile and interactive presentation.

What you just need to do:

Have one of the following iphone / ipad / tablet / smartphone devices ;

Request the App by contacting us by entering the form data;

Several companies, including Proximie but also Microsoft and Google, have long invested in the development of technologies of this type to provide support to medical professionals . For example, the use of augmented reality glasses would allow doctors to have access to useful and detailed medical information in real time, without having to resort to devices such as smartphones or computers.