How to get your property winter-ready

Winter is just around the corner and the weather is already showing noticeable signs of getting colder in preparation. From frost on the cars to a more frequently rainy start to the day, the adverse conditions are beginning to affect surfaces, vehicles and homes across the country.

Take time now to carry out a comprehensive insulation check and book in any work needed to upgrade, install or replace insulation. Make sure your perfect home from Henley Charles consist is as per your requirements

The good news is that there is plenty that householders and business owners can do right now to protect their premises’ external areas and surfaces from weather-related damage. In fact, the more you can get done now, before the really cold weather arrives, the better prepared you will be.

Safer surfaces

Ice, frost and snow can be a winter nightmare for pedestrians and drivers alike as they try to navigate slippery surfaces. Yet, many ice melting solutions carry their own additional risks, such as rock salt, which is toxic for people, pets and the environment. For a people and pet safe ice melt, look for safer products such as EcoGrit, which use organically derived ingredients and contain no rock salt (sodium chloride) or urea. These ingredients can cause damage to the delicate underside of your pet’s paws as they walk along treated surfaces. You can apply EcoGrit up to seven days in advance of any ice or snow appearing, and it works down to temperatures of -20 degrees C.

Insulation inspection

Making sure that your house or building stays warm in the winter is not just important for any occupants trying to shut out the cold, but it will also go a long way to protect the walls, roof and floors. Take time now to carry out a comprehensive insulation check and book in any work needed to upgrade, install or replace insulation. Check windows and doors for any gaps and plug these to keep draughts away. You can add draught excluders at the bottom of the front and back door and hang a thick curtain there too to stop heat escaping.

Fences, rooftops and walls

Rapidly freezing water that lands on exterior surfaces as ice or snow melt when temperatures rise and then refreezes when they plummet once more can lead to all kinds of problems, including cracks and potholes, or damage to anything wooded. Carry out regular checks during the winter for signs of these issues occurring. Again, you can use an organic, pet-safe ice melt to protect exterior areas like walls, roof tiles (if you can access them safely!) and fences. EcoGrit is safe for humans and pets alike, even when accidentally ingested.

Protect those pipes

Everyone has heard horror stories about pipes bursting in the depths of winter, causing all kinds of problems with heating and water supply. Making the effort now to lag pipes for added protection, and to check for signs of damage threatening to occur will pay dividends later on. Keep the heating on to help the situation further and don’t forget to keep the boiler serviced and in good condition.

Fire service

If you have an open fireplace, get the chimney swept now to ensure that you can enjoy safe, unblocked fires all winter. Chimney fires and carbon monoxide fumes are both highly dangerous, whenever they happen, but the colder winter weather makes it more likely that you will seek the comfort of a roaring fire, so get the chimney sorted now for optimum peace of mind. Don’t forget to use a fire guard, especially if you have young children or pets about.