How to Grow Eyelashes Back in 1 Day – Guide

Eyelashes are an important part of the human body as they prevent the eyes from getting dust in them. If by mistake, you have cut your eyelashes and want them to grow as soon as possible, this is the right place for you. We understand the need of growing back eyelashes as soon as possible as there is only so much time a person can go on without having their eyes protected from dust particles.

If you are out there searching through the internet for the answer to this question “ do eyelashes grow back if cut” then you have reached the right place as we are going to answer it simply for you. Yes, it is possible to grow back the eyelashes in a single day.

Now, many people might find this highly unlikely, even bogus. But this method is tested and aspired by many of the users on the internet and many people have reported that it works.

We are going to share the unbelievably real method with you.

How to Grow Eyelashes Back in 1 Day – Explained.

While some people may believe it physically impossible/hard to believe that growing back eyelashes in a single day and will say that growing eyelashes in a single day is just a made-up thing.

Remember: It is only impossible until it is possible. To prove this statement of ours, we provide our viewers with this proved and tested method to make your eyelashes grow back within a period of the day. After reading the article, you will also be left convinced that doing it is actually possible.

For this method to work, we will require a few things. We have broken the methods into multiple steps so it is easier for the users to follow and implement it without causing themselves any harem as when it comes to eyes, they are one of the most sensitive parts of a human body.

Things we need for growing eyelashes grow back within a day:

–  A bowl to mix the mixture of the components.

– Another bowl to keep the separated egg white.

– An egg.

– The egg white. The york of egg is useless in this method and we urge you to leave it out as it is a fact that inclusion of egg york will keep the process from working. White part of the egg and vaseline

– One Tablespoon spoon.

– Steady Hands.

– Vaseline

If you have the required components and all the ingredients mentioned, we can actually get started with the process.

The guide of this process has been written in detailed steps below for the users to follow:

  1. For the process to begin, you should find a bowl with a large volume. Now, break the egg and remove the eggshell. It is likely that the few pieces of an eggshell when broken might enter the egg.
  2. Now for the second step in the process of gaining eyelashes back within a day, remove the egg white from the egg yolk. To do the following, slip the egg from your hand or the tablespoon into a second bowl. Hold down the egg york until all of the egg white stirs down to the other bowl, giving you what you need exactly to proceed ahead. This is the most important part in the whole process as you must make sure that you do not put in the egg york in any amounts as this might make the whole process not work. This is why It is preferred that you use your hand to accelerate the egg white to the other bowl and hold down the egg yolk.
  3. This is where things get interesting. For this method to work, Vaseline is an important component. Now, take one and a half tablespoon of vaseline and add it to the bowl containing the egg white.
  4. Start mixing them together, this is going to be very hard as vaseline and egg are going to be very hard to mix. Regardless of how sticky it gets, keep mixing it until all of the vaseline has been coated with egg white.

This step is a vital step as coating vaseline with eggwhite is what is going to speed up the process. Egg white is one of the healthiest things and it’s in its nature that everything it comes in contact with, significantly makes it better.

This is especially the case when it comes to head hair. lots of hair remedies include egg white as an ingredient. This is a proven fact that egg white is the main accelerant when it comes to growing hair fast.

  1. Now that we have the mixture, the next thing that you’re going to do is that you will take your fingers and dip them into the mixture to take just a bit out of it. make sure that you only take a little bit of it. now grab your eyelashes with these fingers and apply the homemade solution to them. Make sure that you apply just the right amount needed for your eyelashes.
  2. Now for the last and the fifth part: This isn’t much of instruction, but all that is left for you to do now is to sleep with the applied solution on your eyelashes. although this method delivers promising results within 24 hours when you wake up and look after waking up overnight, you will see a significant difference from how you started and where are you standing now.


There you have it; The whole method explained to help you grow eyelashes back within a day.

This is a working method that has helped a lot of people and was tried beforehand posting here.

However, to make this method work, it is essential to follow every instruction carefully as mentioned in the article. To make it easier for you to follow this method, we have broken down this method in a very detailed manner to help you grow back your eyelashes very quickly.