How to Handle Enterprise Project Management with Monday.com

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Enterprise project management allows businesses to handle complexities associated with all projects across the organization. Managers can coordinate with teams, groups, departments, and branches of the organization. It can be accomplished with the right technology and one example of that is Monday software. The software allows businesses to manage their portfolios with tact and logic. This article outlines the capabilities of the software and how any company can implement enterprise project management with it.

Qualities of Reliable Enterprise Project Management Software

Portfolio Management

Monday.com can assist with portfolio management and help enterprises manage projects across a wide range of business areas. It has features that allow the project manager to analyze the potential revenue for each project, review estimated costs, and get a bird’s eye view of the current status of all ongoing ventures. There is a built-in template as well that can help users enter all the relevant information in one place.

Global Effort

With the increasing popularity of remote jobs, it is common to manage a distributed team. Large enterprises may have several branches across the world, and they need to monitor all of their projects. The required solution should also have communication features that provide updates in real-time.


Project management is always a collaborative effort but with enterprise project management it takes another level of coordination to accomplish tasks. Several project managers need to collaborate with multiple teams, business units, and cities to get the relevant information. Monday.com pricing can enable collaboration on a much larger scale to assist with enterprise project management.


Since enterprise project management covers multiple projects, it has different organizational needs. Monday.com offers a greater deal of flexibility to help project managers meet the various needs of each project. It has more than just CRM capabilities and can be used to create work docs, create a dedicated knowledge base, and monitor the progress of each task. The software can also accommodate business growth and support it with multiple software integrations.

How to Implement Enterprise Project Management

Create a Plan

There are some aspects of enterprise project management that are the same for every company but everyone uses them in their unique way. A business needs to ask themselves who will be in charge of the enterprise project management and what their job responsibilities are. They should also decide the resources that will be provided to them which include personnel, office space, equipment, and other tools.

The long-term objectives of any business should be taken into account, which means the tool implementation should be contributing to them too. When the team has listed down all their current processes, they will be able to determine how the software will affect them by reading Monday.com reviews. In some cases, they might have to alter their workflows according to the software features.

Assign Roles

The enterprise project management team needs a competent manager or director to steer all efforts in the right direction. This could be a dedicated person specifically hired to take on the job or an existing executive granted new responsibilities. The choice depends on the scale of the organization and the number of projects. The HR department should use appropriate job descriptions to recruit the right person. They should also establish a reporting line or chain of command to help maintain order.

Provide Support

The enterprise manager needs a supporting unit to help assist with a variety of functions across the enterprise. The team will be working on several tasks and will help identify the impact every project has on the company. They will be defining the benefits of the project and coming up with details for the plan. The support staff is also responsible for deciding a budget and implementing the Monday.com software solution.

Risk assessment is also an important part of the project analysis and the support team will be sending status updates and taking care of all the communication. When the project has progressed past a certain point, the team will be performing an audit and evaluating the performance of all departments.

Communicate with Stakeholders

Larger organizations usually have specific processes for taking on new investments and it requires them to obtain approval from the stakeholders. These include board members and other executives of the company. Before approaching each stakeholder, it is important to make sure that all the benefits of each project are communicated. They should also be informed of any returns on the investment so they can make an informed decision. Monday.com reviews say it can help demonstrate the value of any investment with complete status updates, detailed reports, and seamless file sharing.

Adopt a Project Management Methodology

Enterprises usually manage several projects across their various departments and branches. They need to maintain consistency across all of them to maximize the successful execution of each project. This means it is important to select an appropriate project management methodology and ensure that training is consistent for every team. The enterprise project manager can appropriately assess each one and make a decision based on the level of profitability for each one. The common project management frameworks are waterfall, Agile, hybrid, and critical path methods.

Choose the Right Software

When the enterprise project management team is being set up, they need the support of a robust software solution as well. Monday.com pricing provides several capabilities including the ability to schedule meetings with all team members. It promotes open communication and increases transparency in all processes. The platform also comes with a complete accounting setup that helps define return on investment, expenses, and costs and reports back on all levels of management.

Process management is also possible on Monday.com the top project tracking software since it can help monitor, alter, and refine workflows for all teams. The processes continue to change but the software reduces the complexity associated with enterprise project management. The managers can track time and maintain timesheets for all tasks and employees through the software. It has the complete solution and makes it easier to track time and help employees log data and increase the visibility managers have over resource utilization.


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