How to measure happiness of a country?

Do you belong to the happy country? Where people enjoy their life with family and friends without any restrictions or any kind of danger? If yes, then it means that you belong from the happiest country in the world if not, then you are not. Happiness is something which makes you satisfy and remove all the depression etc. According to the research, happiness is “a state of well-being and contentment. And the happiness in the country depends on the people.  So, to measure the happiness of a country, you have to see the people. 

Which countries are the happiest?

Well, when we talk about happiness in the countries then we some countries pop up in our mind, and that is Scandinavian countries. Like Denmark, Norway, and Iceland etc. Do you know why they are much happiest than in other countries? 

Because the people of these countries have everything and measuring the happiness of a country, you have to find about the people whether they are happy or not. If you compare these countries to others, then you may find a lot of changes like people are unhappy because their desire leader is not selected and everyone blaming one and other just, they don’t know how to measure happiness.

Why are Scandinavian countries happier?

As we have already discussed that measurement of a country depending on the people and people need facilities to live happily. Like they need free education with equality. Hospitals with no charges and many more. Scandinavian countries are happy because people of these countries getting what they want and demand. Their standard of living is totally changing, and one step forward as compared to other countries.  Their crime rate is zero even they don’t have an army. Because they know to maintain the country, spread love and happiness. 

What makes a country happy?

Some unhappy countries try to make their people happy, but there are some secrete ways to make a country happy. So, to measure happiness, you need to find what people want and which things would make them happy. Our countries need to adopt most of the things from those countries where people are happy enough. 

Happiest countries are already developed, that’s why they give more intension to people and giving lots of facilities. In Scandinavian countries, education, health, living, and many more things are free, but people pay more taxes, and the country grows because of their countries. So, people need to collaborate to bring happiness to the country. 


In this content, we have discussed measuring the happiness of different countries and why some countries are happier than others. So to make the country more happy and successful people have to add their contribution and help their country to grow. I hope through the content, and you would take every positive, which help the country to bring happiness. So, if you have any question, then you can ask in the comments section below. Also do share with others so that they also learn a lot.