How to plan a memorable wedding


When your big day is finally here, you want to get the best out of your entire wedding celebration. Your wedding day is the biggest event of your life because it only happens once! Whether you make it or break it, it all depends on whether you can make the best out of your celebration! The best way to make it happen is to ensure you get the right advice from the right people on how to plan your wedding!

There are many ways to make your wedding memorable. Some of the courses are getting the best advice you can have on the right vendors to choose. Wedding vendors play a massive role to give the best out of your Wedding. There are many of them around, and you need to be selective on who you choose.

Some of the services of wedding vendors include wedding makeup artist, wedding live bands, and many more. It even goes all the way front as choosing your wedding band for your spouse! Yes! Getting the best wedding band for your spouse will bring a huge smile to her. As the saying goes – Diamonds make a woman smile!

So what are the best vendors to choose from when you are planning for your big wedding celebration? We have the answers for you, and we have put together the best advice we can give you!

Sit back, take down some notes, and we will get the best advice you can have in no time! Are you ready to get the best Wedding advice you can have to plan for your big day? We have the best vendors for you below!

1) Getting the best Wedding Bands in Singapore

The start of your Wedding begins with buying a ring. When you buy your engagement ring for your fiancée, you show her an act of symbolic love that you are bringing to her for her lifetime. After the engagement ring comes searching for Wedding Bands Singapore, this. This is when the headache starts to happen.

At Musical Touch, they have compiled a list of the top wedding band vendors for you. You can search through their entire blog,g article based on client reviews from Google and Facebook. They will get you the best to choose from.

Just remember, it is not about how big the diamond is or how pure the gold i. It is about how sincere you are with your love to your partner! Love beats anything else in your marriage to bring the both of you as one!

And when you are selecting the best wedding bands for your fiancée, do ensure that it is something she would love to wear. After all, you do not want to end up buying something your partner would loathe wearing, do you?

2) Make yourself the pretties at your Wedding

Ont the biggest day of your life, you will want to make yourself the prettiest at your Wedding, do you? For this, you will need a skilled makeup artist to make your face the most adorable princess ever at your wedding venue.

At Musical Touch, they have compiled a list of the top Wedding Makeup Artist Singapore vendors for you! These vendors are compiled based on the highly-rated client ratings that all the past wedding couples have rated them! They will bring a massive difference to your big day!

When you select someone to make you look your prettiest, do note that you need someone with experience! This will help you in your selection of the best makeup artist for your wedding in Singapore!

Do you want to look your prettiest on your big day?

3) Get the best Wedding Entertainment at your Wedding!

Wedding entertainment is the best way to keep your guests entertained. Your guests will range from ages at the single digits to a ripe old age of 80s. When you are getting your guests engaged, you sure want to ensure everyone fits the vibe of it.

There are many kinds of entertainments. Some will choose to have dancers at their Wedding, and some will choose to have magicians. In our view, these entertainments are very age-specific. If you get a hip-hop dancer, they might not be very well received by the elderly crowd. If you get magicians, some people might not be very attentive to the tricks the magician gives.

In our view, the best entertainment is to have a Wedding Live Band Singapore group of musicians to entertain your guests! They will bring up a huge spice of entertainment for your big day. They will entertain a huge group of your crowd!

As you can see from the link above, we strongly recommend the company Musical Touch. They are a bunch of professional musicians based in Singapore. They have many professional wedding singers for your Wedding to sing their hearts out for you as their slogan goes – Live Music from the Hearts. They will bring in the best wedding entertainment for you and your guests


Planning for your Wedding is a big headache because it is something you have the least experience in. Weddings are only a once a lifetime event, and nobody wants to have it again. For this simple reason, it is nerve-wracking to plan for your Wedding because you don’t know what to do.

This is the reason why you need the help and advice of professionals in the field of Wedding. They will be the ones to hold your hand and guide you through the entire journey. They will be the ones to advise you on the best wedding vendors to suit your wedding theme, your entertainment, and also things your spouse or partner would love most.

Always keep this in mind – Your Wedding is a once a lifetime event. It must be done to its best, and it must only be done once. Never do it again.

Be faithful in your marriage, be loyal, and always be forgiving.


In this way, you will be able to experience the best marriage of your lifetime. A partner is for life. Keep it as it is, and always give in. This way, you will definitely have the best marriage possible one can have.

And for guys, do remember this funny phrase – Happy wife, happy life.

This is true for all cases, isn’t it?

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article. This article was brought to you by us out of goodwill, and we hope the links linking to Musical Touch’s blogs are also beneficial in your planning.

Happy Wedding Planning, my friends!