How to Plan a Staycation This Year Within Your Budget?

If you are the sole earning member in your family, you already know that you have to take care of other important matters, such as house rent, groceries, and utilities, which often leave very little for you to plan a holiday within your budget.

But that shouldn’t stop you from planning a holiday this year. You can consider getting a personal loan option in Australia, such as the Alex Bank – holiday loan, so you can fund the perfect vacation for your family. 

Here are five simple tips on how to plan a staycation within your budget:

1) Be Flexible About Your Dates 

The first thing is to be flexible about your dates. Since most hotels cut down their prices during off-seasons or rainy days, you should consider booking your stay at those times. 

2) Know About Hotel Promos

Many hotels offer special packages and rates for holidays and weekends, so before booking your stay at a hotel, you should inquire about these promotional offers, if there are any. 

This will certainly help you save some bucks, as you may get rooms at lower prices, complimentary breakfast and other discounts on hotel amenities such as the spa. 

3) Explore Cheap Restaurants Nearby 

There are likely to be various low-budget restaurants near your hotel. Some of those restaurants may even serve fresh food and allow you to experience the local cuisine. It could be the experience of a lifetime. 

You can find these restaurants online by using the keywords ‘cheap restaurants’ + the name of the city in your preferred search engine.  So next time your family decides to take a holiday at your favourite destination, you can find some great restaurants online at an affordable rate.

4) Book Your Holiday During Work Holidays

When one of your family members gets a leave, or you get an unexpected day off, make sure to reserve your stay during these holidays. If you’re lucky, you may even save thousands of dollars by doing this! 

5) Opt for Weekdays

Another easy tip to help you save money is to go for weekdays over weekends or public holidays as hotels charge almost twice their usual rates on such days.   

With these simple yet effective tips, planning a holiday does not have to be expensive anymore. All it takes is making some smart investment decisions and finding great deals online, and you’re good to go.

Tips to Fund Your Vacation with a Personal Loan

Gone are the days when you used to depend on your assets or dip into your savings for planning a dream holiday. The best part about getting a personal loan such as the Alex Bank – holiday loan is that you can choose whether you want to pay it back in monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments. 

Even if you repay it before time, there are no penalties, and the interest (on successful disbursal) works in your favour. 

Here are some tips on how to fund your dream vacation with a personal loan:

1) First Decide How Much You Want To Borrow

The first thing to do is fix a budget for your trip. Get a proper idea of how much you can spend on your dream vacation.

2) Take a Look at Different Personal Loan Options

Many banks and financial institutions offer personal loans. Some banks may give you up to $10000, while others may approve loans of up to $30000. It largely depends on your creditworthiness, employment status and other factors. You must decide which bank and loan plan suits you best. 

3) Compare Interest Rates Offered By Different Banks

Once you decide on the type of personal loan that best suits your needs, compare the interest rates offered by various banks. You can do this online by filling up simple forms available on different websites. 

Many of these portals also offer additional benefits like free credit score and check and special offers, and cashback deals to make your search simpler. 

4) Approval Depends Upon Your Credit History

The last step is to apply for the personal loan that you’ve chosen after comparing its interest rates with others. It will depend on your eligibility criteria (based on your income, repayment capacity, and credit history). 

Still, before processing your application, banks may call you to ask some standard questions that you should be able to answer easily [by using common sense].

5) Once Approved, You Get an EMI Offer Letter

Once your application is approved, you receive an offer letter from the bank or lending institution by post. This letter contains a break-up of the EMI and the other details you need to pay up your dues on time.


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