How to wear well-lined boots?

The lined boot is a fairly controversial pair of shoes: you like it or you don’t. They are not always unanimous on the aesthetic level, but it is clear that they guarantee comfort and warmth in winter. Not to mention their practicality which really allows you to brave slippery floors. The models are more and more pretty, whether they are with heels, wedges, or flats. The fur high heel boots have become recent years much more than a capricious revisit.

1) Its advantages

They have a number of advantages that should not be overlooked: resistant waterproof leathers, good thermal insulation, aesthetic shearling that keeps our feet warm, even in the lowest temperatures; casual style, comfort. I, therefore, found it interesting to devote an article to them, just to see what these famous downy boots really have in their stomachs; and if they deserve to be an essential winter basic. At least if you highlight them well by pairing them with the right outfits for an elegant casual style. It’s all about the right balance… And for that, follow the guide!

2) lined football boots: definition

The lined boot is a high-top pair of shoes; the upper envelops and protects the foot, ankle and part of the leg . It is most often stuffed; at best a sheepskin layer (or synthetic material when the model is less luxurious) to keep your feet warm. It can be with flat heels, wedges, or more or less high heels depending on the model. Much more than an après-ski or a trapper’s boot straight from Canada, the lined boot has become an everyday shoe and especially a weekend shoe, which can be worn in a sporty or urban style.

4) How to wear lined boots according to your body type

The UGG-style lined boot will make you a fairly wide foot with most models offered by brands. It is therefore not suitable a priori for all body types because it tends to compress your leg. It gives rise to rather controversial opinions. It is an atypical pair of shoes, which should be tried before buying to see if you feel aesthetically comfortable, beyond its undeniable comfort. More than following specific rules, the style you will have with this model of shoes will mainly depend on the clothes with which you associate it.

If you are small and thin

The classic military boots is not particularly suitable for your slim gait and causes a certain imbalance between your thin legs and your feet which will appear to be very wide. But that is not why you cannot wear them because beyond this imbalance, as you are thin, they will not cause a magnifying effect either. You can also opt for a wedge or heeled model to get you going, or a thinner model that is not too massive. Some brands offer them.

If you are short and round

The lined boot is not the ideal shoe for you because it tends to pack your leg and your pace. You can therefore also opt for a wedge or heeled model to slim your figure. If possible, avoid the classic flat model.


If you are tall and thin

You are more of a friend with the classic fur boot. As you are already slender, you can choose a flat model. There are all kinds of them today and you will be spoiled for choice (see below, the brands to follow). The lined boot will give you an elegant relaxed style, in town or in the country.

If you are tall and round

The classic flat-lined boot fits your body type, but it’s not ideal either as it tends to widen your foot. It is best to try out several models to find out which one you like the most. I advise you to choose a pair that is not too massive and that lightens your foot at the same time as your silhouette

5) How to wear well-lined boots

The right associations

It is essential to associate your lined boots with the appropriate outfits to maintain style and elegance . The important thing is to avoid the total fur or ‘après-ski’ look and to vary the materials . The best is to combine them with sober pieces and basic clothes . UGG-style lined boots are prettier in the low version to avoid the packed effect I was telling you about above. To be stylish, the trick is to roll up the edges so that the fur is visible . If you only have to choose one model, opt for the camel color version , the most successful in my opinion and which goes best with the cream fur.

Jeans and pants

In the long run, the best is to choose slim jeans that will balance the somewhat massive side of this model of boots. You can also choose a high waist 7/8 jeans , as long as the pants stop at your ankle or tuck into the boot so that the boot is fully visible . On a daily basis, you will have a relaxed look . Do not hesitate to take your lined boots for a winter city trip , they are perfect for very cold weather and very comfortable for walking for several hours. A few years ago I visited New York with furry boots on my feet from morning to night. I have never been cold and I have had no bell. Leather pantsis also a good candidate for varying subjects. The combination of leather + sheepskin / suede always has a nice effect. The leggings also work well, and I advise you to wear them with an oversized sweater.

To absolutely avoid : pants that would come over your lined boot. It has no interest in the aesthetics of your figure and in your style.

Feminine outfits

You can dare feminine outfits that will break their very casual side a little. Opt for a short skirt or shorts with tights. You can also wear the lined boot with a sweater dress and a belt .

6) 7 stylish and feminine outfits

I offer you  7 stylish and easy to wear everyday outfits , which are also very feminine and elegant. Depending on your own taste, you can go and pick what you like the most in  these inspiring outfits . The objective is of course not to buy the clothes identically (I will not give you the details of the brands because that is not the objective here), but rather to see if you have the equivalents in your wardrobe to learn or relearn how to match your clothes with your shoes and thus better enjoy what you have. History also to consume less, or to consume in a more qualitative way.