How UX Design Affects the success of a video game?

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UX design plays an important role in the success of any business interface. The case with a video game is also not different. UX design decides the fate of the video game.

An interactive and exciting video game can only be fulfilled with the right implementation of a perfect UX design. Game UX design is something that needs care and attention. Well, we will see how UX design affects the success of a video game on this blog.

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What is UX Design?

UX design is the process in which the entire game system is designed following a user-centric approach. In the case of game development, it’s the players who play the game. So it’s done in accordance with their behaviors, thinking processes, and mannerisms. A game UX design is done by collecting data, an iterative design process, and finally testing the one with real players.

 Why is UX Game Design Essential?

The answer to the just above-given question is simple. UX helps make successful and better games! 

A perfectly executed UX design makes the game more authentic, real, and satisfying for the players. If a video game has to attain heights or be successful, then it should excite the game players.

Let us take the case of the most recent trend in the video game industry, Pubg (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). It was released after a thorough and systematic study about the user experience and his/her behavior. Hence it became a rage among the game buffs!

So there are certain questions that one needs to answer before starting the sports app development. What are they? They are as follows:

  • Can the players grasp the game rules easily? And enjoy it?
  • Should more exciting features be included in the game?
  • Is the game going exactly as planned or as what it was intended to be?
  • Is it ready for release?
  • What all sections of the game do need our focus during the iteration?

If all these questions are dealt with properly, then it’s for sure that the game app will be a success. That’s what we all expect, right?

Other UX usages in Video Game Design

The importance of UX in video game development is beyond one’s imagination. Some of them are as follows:


Onboarding is the process of teaching the first time players on how to play the game, the back story and the level at which a player is introduced into the game. It’s also called first-time user experience. All this information is provided through a narrative or tutorials.

Players like to remember what is meaningful and emotional to them. So it’s very much essential to connect with them by sensitive means.

Usability and Ergonomics

A video game should be highly user-friendly. That is, the player should quickly grasp how to play the game and implement the strategies. It does not mean that the game’s toughness should not be hard. It can, but the user should quickly figure out ways to tackle the toughness and move forward.

 Cognitive Affordance

Cognitive Affordance is another factor that enhances your video game experience among the players. It can be defined as a design feature that supports thinking and learning, thus implying the same in a particular field (here it’s the gameplay).

All these above-said factors of the UX design process helps to develop a video game that focuses on the player’s perspective, their culture and emotional feelings and needs! If all these things are fulfilled, it’s for sure that the video game will be a success.

Summing Up

Game UX is a very important aspect while creating amazing video games. It helps to reach out to the exact point where we all want to get at. UX makes sure that the players are getting the real feel of the game and thus excites them.

Without a UX based approach, the chances of the failure of a video game are huge. It may lack creativity, objectivity, and overall affect the quality of the game.

So make sure you give prime importance for Game UX design while creating a video game. For more details contact a leading UI/UX design company.

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