iPhone battery health: How to check it on your own

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It’s not difficult to check the performance of your iPhone, or any iOS device for that matter. It doesn’t even necessitate a trip to the Apple Store.

Keep in mind that your battery doesn’t have to fail Apple’s test to be eligible for the $29 replacement. It’s more for peace of mind than anything else to check your battery. iphone battery health 85 is good or bad.


If you determine it’s time to change your battery after testing it, Rick Broida’s guidance will help the operation go smoothly.

This is by far the most convenient way to check on the health of your battery. Install the official Apple Support app and, if necessary, login in with your Apple ID.

Open a chat window with Apple Support and choose the phone you want to be tested as the device in question. Once you’ve been connected with a technician, tell him or her you’d like to know how your battery is doing.


After that, you’ll be guided through the procedure, which includes heading to Settings > Privacy > Analytics. A report is given to the representative a few seconds later.


My iPhone X battery performed admirably, as expected.

Apple’s online store

Naturally, an Apple Store’s Genius Bar has all of the equipment and resources necessary to perform a diagnostics test on your phone’s battery. To get the test done, you’ll need to arrange an appointment through Apple’s Support page and go to the shop in person.

If you have any questions beyond testing your battery. A trip to the store to do this test is a good idea.

You can install the third-party programme Coconut Battery. If you want more information than a simple pass or fail, or if you don’t want to contact to Apple Support at all.

It’s worth noting that the app isn’t available on the App Store. And you’re installing it outside of official channels at your own risk.


Coconut Battery’s free version demands. That your iOS device be linked to your Mac via USB cable.


After you’ve installed the programme and given it permission. To run on your Mac, go to the iOS device tab and check at your battery’s design capacity. If your phone’s battery is less than 80% charged, you should have it replaced.