How Instagram Likes is Hurting Your Brand? Here’s Why..!

Current Algorithm used by Instagram

According to Instagram’s new algorithm a significant factor which is considered to rank a post at the top of the feed, is “User engagement.”

It is important to monitor factors such as the number of comments and likes on a post, how fast a post engages users, and the popularity of the #hashtag. These factors can also make content viral.

How do I buy Instagram Likes?

We do not recommend purchasing fake followers because of the inherent disadvantages. However, we have listed two popular ways to quickly grow your face followers:

  • Multiple fake accounts can be created and invited to like your content. Fake Instagram likes can also be sold by certain companies. This is a tedious process that does not increase engagement.
  • Any service provider offering fake Instagram bolts can be subscribed to. These accounts will follow and like your posts from related accounts.

How can you detect fake followers?

1. Check out the profile of each user

A fake follower is one who has no profile picture and shares few images. There is also no interaction.

2. 2. Take a look at the Engagement

There may be fake followers if there is a low like to follower ratio, spammy comments or comments that aren’t relevant to the post.

3. If the account is followed by any “get followers“,

It is a sign that you are buying followers and likes by having “Followers Buying” services follow your account.

4. Make use of tools

Online tools are plentiful and can help you determine if someone is buying likes or fake followers.

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Purchase Fake Instagram Followers and Likes

While Instagram followers may be helpful in starting a brand promotion, buying fake Instagram likes can hurt your brand.

1. Fake followers are not engaged

Fake Instagram followers will not engage with you. These accounts are fake bot accounts and not people. These statements will not result in engagement, which is important for any influencer who wants to be one.

Brands will assess your viability if you’re an influencer before they work with you. If your followers aren’t engaged with you and your content, it is unlikely that any brand will work with you.

Fake followers won’t engage with content if you operate any brand account. They will not look at any of your content.

2. 2.Mismatched Engagement Compared to Real Accounts

The engagement rate decreases as more people follow you on Instagram. Average engagement rates for accounts with less than 1000 followers are 8%.

Study shows average engagement rate of 4% for those with 1000-10000 following. An average engagement rate of 2.4% for 10000-100000 followers is achieved. If you have more followers than 1 million, your engagement rate drops to 1.7%.

This is a crucial indicator to identify fake Instagram likes. It is important to note that if the ratio of comments and likes is lower than that of followers, this is a warning sign for brands who are collaborating with you. Buy followers and likes may increase engagement beyond what is required and can make your account untrustworthy.

3. It will make your business look shabby

Buy likes are a sign that you don’t trust your brand enough and that you believe your brand cannot attract real followers. It is obvious that people won’t trust you if your products or offerings aren’t trusted.

Fake likes will make your business look suspect, which will result in potential and existing customers being turned off. They will not do business with you and will turn down collaborations with brands.

4. Inappropriate Bot Comments

Fake followers may not be real people, but they could just be bot accounts. You might get an inappropriate comment on such accounts.

It is possible to get comments that are not relevant to your post. These comments are often generic, such as “Nice Post,” “Cool Pic,” and others. These comments may not be relevant to the content.

You may also receive comments in a different language than your own. If you receive a lot of these comments, it is an indication that you have bought fake followers.

5. Instagram can suspend your account

Instagram has taken many steps to eliminate fake accounts and create a more ethical environment. It can remove fake accounts at any time. This means that you can have your followers disappear at any moment. This could impact your Instagram credibility.

6. Fake followers are against the Terms and Conditions for Instagram

Fake Instagram accounts are a violation of the terms and conditions. Instagram can suspend your account at any time. It will damage your brand image in the long-term if you are accused of engaging in these dodgy activities.

7. Brands may blacklist you

Before collaborating with you, brands usually conduct extensive research on your account. This can be done with a variety of tools.

Any suspicious activity in your accounts can be highlighted by them, such as comments or purchased likes. It is a failing grade from a brand perspective and can lead to your account being blacklisted.

8. Fake Followers Will Destroy Your Credibility and Follower Relationships

People will begin to doubt the authenticity of your Instagram account if they notice anything unusual about it. Brands who hire you will look at how engaged you are with your followers.

Fake followers can lead to low credibility over the long-term. This can lead to poor brand collaborations and no real fans.

9. Fake followers don’t make you money

Fake followers won’t spend any money on your products. It is fake followers will not recommend your product to others. If you have a brand account, it is not worth purchasing fake Instagram followers. It will not generate any revenue for your company.

Fake followers are a risk for an Instagram Influencer. This could lead to no brand collaborations. Unworthy accounts are not a good choice for brands. This will have a negligible financial outcome.

10. Fake likes never work in real business

Fake likes can make your brand appear more popular than it is. They will not get you into any real business. The product will look suspect because there will not be any reviews or purchase history.

These factors could lead to poor sales. Customers will always review reviews before purchasing anything.

What can you do instead of buying Instagram likes?

According to Instagram, nearly 60% of its users find new products on the platform through research. Instagram has a higher user interaction than Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Instead of using cheap methods to grow your followers, develop a long-term strategy to increase brand engagement organically. There are better ways to promote Instagram pages, and they will be more effective in the long-term.

1. Make strong content

You should work hard to create content that educates, entertains, and informs your followers about new products.

2. Use Hashtags

Your hashtags can help increase the visibility and engagement of your posts. Instead of using the most common hashtags, choose more specific ones. This will limit the scope of your post and increase its visibility.

3. User Engagement

Regular interaction with followers will help increase visibility and exposure. Engage with users every day.

4. Register Your Business Account

You can switch from your personal Instagram account to a company account in order to access certain tools that only business accounts have. These tools are essential to create your Instagram Marketing Strategy .

5. Run Ads

Marketing with Instagram Ads can help you increase your followers. You can personalize your Ads to target specific demographics. This will increase brand awareness and reach – people may not have heard of your brand before.


Do not buy followers or likes to fool your followers. You can use Instagram to establish genuine relationships and engage with your followers.

No matter how tempting the idea may seem, buying followers is a risky business and can cause more harm than good. It will end up costing you more money and resulting in partnership losses.

Be yourself and grow your following organically. Follow Instagram’s Terms & Conditions to make an account that is creative, entertaining, and long-lasting that your followers will love to follow.

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