Is it warmer to zip two sleeping bags together?

Is it warmer to zip two sleeping bags together? Sleeping bags are generally designed to work best independently, but some are designed to be paired with the best zip together sleeping bags – perfect for a cozy night of sleeping for two.

In general, sleeping bags offering this feature are more moderately rated, since if you zip two bags together, efficiency is sacrificed and the bag’s ability to achieve its advertised temperature rating is compromised.

There are more gaps in two sleeping bags paired together, and more movement is possible, which allows warm air to be pushed out and colder air to enter, which results in less efficiency.

Keeping Each Other Warm

In addition to keeping a person warm, sleeping bags have a warmth rating and a season rating, so you can determine the level of warmth you need based on the time of the year.

In very cold conditions, zipping bags together can result in less efficient use of space.

Due to the many gaps inside the bag, and the possibility of movement, the thermal insulation is not as effective as it could be.

Even so, we all know the body heat of two people is far superior to one.

Zip-together sleeping bags have many benefits

There are plenty of benefits to picking up a zip-together sleeping bag-especially if you shop wisely. Some of these include:

  • There is enough space for two people to sleep comfortably together, even while camping
  • Each side is equipped with a zipper, allowing one person to leave without disturbing the other
  • The bags can be split to create a variety of sleeping arrangements
  • Splitting bags is a better way to break up packing weight for backpackers
  • Individual hoods or pillow holders can be added to zip together bags, allowing each person to sleep how they prefer
  • Using the intended zip-together design, you can combine multiple bags into one

Double sleeping bags may not be the best choice for colder environments because they can leak heat. Splitting the bags can alleviate this problem. Also note that zip together bags don’t come in mummy sleeping bag style, so if you’re looking for one, you’re out of luck.

Zipper Brand

If you plan on zipping bags together, the type of zipper you use is important. The most common YKK zippers are made by the Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha company, which is roughly translated to Yoshida Company Limited from Japanese. They started making zippers in 1934.

Over seven billion zippers are supplied to eminent companies worldwide, where there is no room for compromise on quality.

Smelting brass used in zipper stoppers, spinning and dying yarn, weaving fabrics, and creating plastic parts are all done in-house.

YKK controls every aspect of the production of YKK zips, including manufacturing their own custom zipper machines, the design of which is closely guarded.


Is it warmer to zip two sleeping bags together?

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