Kids’ Trends for Summer 2021

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Keeping up with kids fashion trends is the only way to keep your baby stylish this summer. You don’t want to buy baby boy clothes or girls clothing that are not it anymore. Even if they don’t have an opinion on fashion yet, buying trendy clothes will make them feel nice and keep up with others. Every year different trends become very popular in kidswear. It can be simple prints and patterns or types of clothes. This year these are some of the trends you will see mostly.


Spots have always been popular among children clothes, but this season you will see them everywhere. A lot of brands have put out dotted kids outfits for the summer. If you want to jump on the trend, you should think about shopping for them as soon as possible. There are dotted dresses, shorts, leggings, t-shirts and anything in between. To find out what trends are in store for the summer, you have to look at what the fashion designers have in stock. This year the spots will rule the summer period in children’s fashion. The spots differ from one designer to the next making the outfits more varied to fit different kids.


Gingham has been present for a while now in both kids and adult clothes. But the little ones are taking it to another level, this time with the endless designs. It’s a simple checked fabric that the kids can wear with the sun shining and hot temperatures. The desire to bring old things back has hit the kid’s fashion world. The material is even used to make shoes, among other things. Some of the designs are more modernized to fit the current trends. There are bright colours on baby boy clothes, dresses, shorts and bows you can pick from.

Western and Country

You won’t get enough of the tiny cowboy boots and hats on your baby. The western and country-inspired clothes are trending hard this summer. From the bibs, western shirts to socks, the fashion trend is unstoppable. You will find clothes with country prints on them like boots and hats. So even if they are not country clothes, the prints give them the country feel and look. So don’t let the trend by your kid buy. Let them decide what they want if they are old enough. If they are still young, you will find bodysuits, blankets, beanies and everything else that is country-inspired.

Natural Textiles

Parents have always wanted natural textiles on kid’s clothes. They are soft on the baby’s sensitive skin and are light and airy. This summer, you will likely see more of such fabrics and materials on children’s clothes than you have seen before. The trend couldn’t come at a much better time because summer is the best time to wear light clothes. The materials are mostly stretchable, so they will not limit the kid’s movements. You will also notice more genderless colours on the kids clothing. The children fashion industry is making many changes to meet the changing demands on parents and kids.


As much as you have to let the kids make their own fashion choices, sometimes they can’t. There is an age where you are the only one that can dress them. So you should follow all the emerging trends. Where possible, buy the new outfits for your baby as they come out. Sometimes when you wait for a long time, the trend will pass.