Learn about Different Types of Fabrics for Table Runners

A table runner is a fantastic project for brightening up almost every room in the house. A table runner may not need to stand out. Runners could be custom-tailored to blend seamlessly with your overall home décor. Runners could be embroidered, quilted, appliquéd, created from one long piece of cloth, or could be pieced together. Different fabrics are used for making table runners; however, quilting cotton seems to be very much in vogue and a hit-favorite choice. There are no set rules or guidelines for using runners for your table. They may be considered as tools for anchoring your table and creating a cohesive look for all other table linens, including the centerpiece.

What is a Table Runner?

According to Etiquette Scholar, a table runner is supposed to be a narrow strip or length of fabric laid on a table directly or on top of a table cloth. Runners are used in many different ways. Runners could be used for carrying out a theme. They may be laid down throughout the center of your table to decorate it. Alternatively, they could be laid across your table for defining seating. A table runner is around 14 inches to 17 inches wide. Moreover, the drop neat the two ends are approximately 15 inches deep.

Why Should You Use a Table Runner?

Runners for your tables are best as they require easy care and maintenance, and they are certainly more decorative and attractive than a placemat. A table runner is used for adding texture, interest, and color to your table. It is supposed to be the foundation for table décor. Moreover, runners are used for protecting your table from all sorts of spills and damages caused by dripping candle wax or hot pans.

Table Runner Fabrics


Batik can be used to custom tailor your table runners. Batik is a unique fabric that grabs immediate attention. It goes through a fantastic dying process. Batik quilting cotton fabric is easy to sew. This versatile fabric could be utilized for crafting, quilting, and creating home décor accents.

Quilting Cotton

Quilting cotton is a useful fabric for several different projects. Cotton is supposed to be a lightweight and versatile fabric just right for runners. Cotton is known for its durability and could be used in numerous home décor and home refurbishment projects, blankets, bedding, apparel, quilts, and crafting, etc. Quilting cotton for runners comes in eye-catching designs and vibrant colors to complement your home décor theme.


Linen is supposed to be a natural fabric, and it has several attributes that make it a popular choice for runners. Linen is known for its durability, and it can be easily laundered at home without any hassles whatsoever. Linen is a versatile fabric and could help in infusing a touch of elegance, style, and modernity into your overall home décor. Linen runners come in several patterns and colors to match your palette. They are pretty affordable too.


Certain textures and fabrics are related to specific moods. Hence, for formal occasions such as weddings and special business events, you may opt for polyester, organza, satin, or silk for their smooth, silky, and shiny finish.