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Emails are an old but very important messaging method for each and every enterprise. However much the instant messaging industry grows, there’s nothing that can totally replace mails.

Almost all online companies use emails for sending and marketing private and significant messages and files. But are your mails as secure and private as you believe? The solution is no. The majority of the email service providers discuss your information for their own benefits. Many times government organizations also start looking into your emails for specific factors.

Even the tech giant Google has admitted that your emails and data are used by big companies and other businesses for advertising and other purposes. This information is given to them without actually letting you know about it.

This can lead to a private and business-related loss for you in case something important was in almost any email that you received or sent via these email providers. So do all email providers want your information? Is there any way that you send and receive emails?

The answer is no, meet Letter.is. It is one of the most secure and private email service suppliers you can truly believe in. It’s also among the most affordable email providers in the industry at the moment. It gives you this amazing emailing experience through its array of servers.

Letter.is is a business-friendly email provider with almost every feature necessary for the business to operate smoothly and safely. This business-friendly email address package provides you advanced administrative controls and features such as junk aliases, incoming/outgoing TLS authorities, filter rules, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, and much more which are required for your mails to be secure on the server.

Every disc is encrypted before it is taken into use for your hosting server. Not only safety but in addition, it provides you options for your private UI experience. You can easily change the theme and language of your mailbox.

Additionally, it provides SoGo Groupware with an integrated Calendar and Address book. It is a custom-tailored email service with a better administrative UI than every other luxury EU based email service provider.

Safety Of Your Emails Is The Most Important Thing For ‘Letter.is’

All of the vital infrastructures of Letter’s email service is hosted in the EU. As we mentioned your email security is the most important thing for Letter, it provides everything required to safeguard your hosted emails and during transport. Even with so much encryption, you can easily send emails with documents sizing around 100MB without facing any problem or security breach.

All of your emails are secured with State-of-the-art link encryption service that means TLS 1.3 & a minimum of 256-bit key strength while they are sent or sent to or from anybody. This encryption is provided to you through signed certifications from a European Certificate Authority which is located in Scandinavia.

For maintaining your emails safe from different viruses and risks, Letter regularly keeps providing updates to you. It also provides priority-based updates upon request if you face any issue using all the emailing software.

Moreover, it uses Mailcow’s Vanilla code which is available for you to conduct audits to make sure that your emails are really secure.

Easily Customizable According To Your Company Needs

The majority of the email service providers keep the configuration components to themselves and give you only a small number of controls over your mails and other items associated with it. However, with Letter you get complete administrative control over your email support.

You are able to control the majority of the factors and characteristics related to your own emails. In the management section, you are able to change the language, theme, along other attributes of your emails. For instance, it allows you to filter your spam folder according to the variables and attributes that you choose. You can even blacklist and whitelist different email addresses based on the characteristics you choose.

It has a new characteristic of tagging emails. You may make folders and subfolders for your emails and label certain emails with different attributes. Letter will automatically send those emails to those folders and subfolders depending on the characteristics that you pick.

Unlike other email service providers, Letter imposes high email limits to your daily quota. You are allowed to send up to 1000 emails per day.

Affordable and Reliable

Letter is as reliable as any email service may be. You can contact their support staff at any time and get a response in under thirty minutes. They help you with any sort of problem that you are facing with your services.

Multiple Payment Options

Letter provides flexible payment terms with its multiple payment choices. It permits you to pay through PayPal EUR, Debit/Credit card from RuPay, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, direct bank transfer, and cryptocurrencies too.


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