Love and romance: the high school version

School days of student life are definitely the best days of our lives. It is the time when we think of growing up because we usually feel that the life of an adult is much better than that of a kid. After all, they are not burdened with homework, assignments and competitions. As a child every person has dreamt of growing up but growing up has made us realize that childhood was actually the best phase of our entire life and we have wasted it while wishing to grow up. No wonder we cannot restore those golden moments in our life again. However, we can always remember them. A very important aspect of childhood is the first crush or the first love that a person experiences during their teenage years. you too would have had a crush back in your school days and would have also thought of getting married to them in the future. Even today you might be thinking of them and smiling at the sweet memories that you share with them. If you have been one of those couples or have witnessed those people who had been so much in love with a partner that they can not think of anything else then you must have a look at our list that would remind you of the cute adorable and silly things that we did back in our childhood.

Talking through eyes

We must have been in such a situation where we always wanted to talk to that person but we never really gathered the courage to do the same. Although we want to talk to them badly, the moment we face them, we find it difficult to speak our hearts to them and express our emotions to them. Not just kids, even adults experience this when they see their crush walking nearby. You too must have experienced this feeling at the time of your first crush in your school.

A chocolaty proposal

Today one can buy gifts online for their friends, family members and the special someone that resides in their hearts but back then during the 90’s or the early 2000’s. It was very difficult for people to get the best gift for their dear ones. You would remember seeking money from your parents by telling a lie and purchasing chocolate and offering it to your beloved as a proposal to them.

The first love letter

The idea of love letters is surely quite romantic whether you are writing it, sending it, or receiving it. It is usually in movies and stories that we hear of instances related to the exchange of love letters. However, each one of us must have experienced an exchange of love letters during our school. You too might have written your emotions for your crush and would have given it to them or asked a friend of yours to pass it on to them.

Meetings during the recess

Back in our school days, it was quite difficult to have a conversation with our crush because our friends and other classmates would make it difficult to do so. You must have asked your crush to meet them at the specific location in the school premises during the recess so that you could have spoken out your heart to them.

Messages through friends

we found it difficult to initiate the conversation with the person who resided in our hearts. so many of us asked our friends to be the messengers of our love and help us in expressing our emotions to them. you too might have asked any of your friends to deliver your messages to your dearies so that they can get to know about your emotions towards them.

Little gestures of love

Today online gift delivery has made it quite easy to express love to our dear ones. However, As little kids, we had believed in the simplest gestures that can express our love for someone special. This gesture could have been as easy as filling the water bottle of your crush or bringing an extra pen or pencil for them or exchanging your notes with them so that you can get a chance to speak with them.

There can be endless memories associated with our childhood and the first crush or the first love that we experience at that age and remembering all of them could be both heartwarming and heart-wrenching gift for boys. After all, that was the best phase of our life and we can only remember them but never relive them.