Make Your Business Work: How to Boost Your Online Sales

Boosting your online sales is essential for the success of your business. This comes with numerous benefits, including a spike in your revenue. Boosting your sales comes with an exponential value. Research done by Monetate revealed that loyal shoppers have a 5x worth more compared to first-time shoppers. So, when you add your first sale with successive sales, it’s very easy to change how you interact with your customers. 

With that, you need to attract as many first customers as you can, and then continue to improve your sales funnel. This allows you to sell you more old and new customers as possible. This post will discuss the tips to boost your online sales.  

Don’t insert sliders on your homepage

There’s been a recent trend in web design that most people have been adopting—adding slider images on the web page. This is a common design technique with numerous benefits. It looks like a way to introduce new visitors to your site, as you display numerous products, together with their features. 

However, you should avoid doing this if you want to boost your online sales. There isn’t research that proves slides increase sales. However, experts say that sliders confuse potential customers and drive them away from your site. 

Identify the most popular plan

According to the bandwagon effect, people love doing activities that other people love. This is a basic psychological principle, which makes people perceive a group of alike people as experts on a certain topic. 

And, that’s why marketers continually use words like ‘recommended by most experts’ or “America’s number one brand’. Such statements give the product social proof, and this greatly influences the decisions customers make. Further, the marketers allow us to enjoy a sense of community with our options. 

So, there’s less possibility for customers to make the wrong choice, especially if others have picked the same thing before them. To benefit from the bandwagon effect, you should identify the most common plan or choice on your prices, and then promote the plan. 

Capitalize on social media marketing

Social media marketing, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube advertising is one of the most effective and pocket-friendly methods to boost online sales. These platforms allow you to target more customers without spending a lot of money. One of the best and cost-effective ways to boost online sales is to rely on the data you’ve collected about your current customers to target similar audiences with similar behavior to your current customer base. Such an audience has a higher chance of converting.

As a result, you’ll be able to expand your reach, and your targeted ads will have a better chance of performing better. Also, unpaid social media ads can increase your sales. However, unpaid ads require continuous management and time commitment, unlike the paid ads. 

Creating a sense of urgency has amazing results

Displaying products on a limited-edition, low stock levels, as well as limited special offers helps to create scarcity, as well as a sense of urgency. This, in turn, triggers immediate purchases. However, you should be transparent and honest with the time-sensitive message—for instance, if you have hundreds of products in stock without an applicable offer, avoid rushing your customers to buying the products. On the other hand, if you have set your discount to expire at a certain date, ensure your customers cannot get these products at a discounted price after that time. 

Invest in a billing software solution

Billing software solutions, such as the enterprise billing software Kansys play an important part in boosting online sales. These solutions eliminate the manual billing process, thus reducing the risk of human mistakes. Some of these mistakes can lead to errors when generating customer invoices, and this can cause customer dissatisfaction. 

However, with a billing software solution, all your billing and invoicing processes become smooth and reduce the chances of incurring losses or losing customers. Investing in a billing software solution means you have the opportunity to push your business to new levels with confidence. 

Offer purchase incentives

Do you have the ability to provide free delivery for purchases that exceed a certain value, or even a certain percentage discount? If possible, give your customers a purchase incentive, and make it clear in your messages. This works best for time-sensitive incentives as we have highlighted above. 

Give money-back guarantees 

At times, making online orders can be stressful, especially when you are buying certain products like refurbished electronics, second-hand vehicles, or when trying a new product for the first time. When you provide a money-back guarantee to your customers, as well as an easy returns policy, your customers find it easier to buy from you since that’s risk-free. 

Offer trust signals

Web security is essential. Trust signals tell your prospective customers that your site is secured, and they don’t have to worry about anything when purchasing from you. If you have any security certification, VISA verification, or VeriSign Secured, ensure you display these logos on your homepage, as well as other essential areas of your site. However, you don’t have to fret in case you don’t have trust signals to display. You only need to invest in a certification scheme, as it’s bound to boost your online sales.