GogoPDF Conversion Tools: What You Need for Your PDFs

GogoPDF is capable of converting your PDFs into Excel, Word, JPG, PNG, PPT, or PDF/A and the other way around. The process is easy to perform, and you don’t need to put a lot of effort into doing it. Besides that, the conversion process won’t sacrifice your files’ quality and remains as the original one. If you wish to convert your files, here are some functions from GogoPDF.

Excel to PDF

First PDF converter free tool in this list is the Excel to PDF conversion tool. Data is a powerful thing, but it’s not enough to impress many people. You should present and interpret data in some particular way. With that said, it’s where the programs such as Microsoft Excel comes into the scene. For a lot of years, Excel is being used by businesses to boost their productivity through graphs, tables, and charts.

Unfortunately, sometimes some viruses come with macros, and these are mini-apps written in the Excel spreadsheet. But worry no more because there are ways to transform your documents into understandable and readable ones by turning them into PDF files! This function from GogoPDF is capable of converting and extracts information from an Excel file to transform them into polished and clean PDFs. So here’s how you can do the straightforward process:

  1. Choose the Excel file from your computer that you need to convert and upload it to the website. Alternatively, you can simply drag the file.
  2. This conversion tool will begin transforming your Excel file into a PDF document.
  3. The conversion process will be over soon. You can use the file in a few seconds.
  4. Download the converted PDF document to your PC. You can also copy the document link and share the file to any social media sites.


If you are required to make presentations at school or work, you have to be effective and efficient and not waste your time. You don’t have to spend your hours on a project because you will not proceed to your next one. Well, what if you need to transform your PDFs into image documents instantly? You can’t just do it on your own, and installing a particular software will be time-consuming for you.

People can now use an online-based platform to convert their PDFs into one or more great-quality PNG images. PNGs are better than JPEGs and other standard file formats because it features the deflate compression. With that said, PNG files are sharper than JPEG image files or other file formats.

Another advantage of using a PNG file format is that it can support digital image compression with transparent areas, while JPEGs take time to render those areas in white color. When an image is in a PNG format, you can add designs and illustrations topping backgrounds without any effort, which makes it great for web graphics. Sounds impressive, right? After all the information is provided to you, you can count on GogoPDF to do the conversion process without any problem. Be productive in your office and try this function from GogoPDF. Below are the steps that anyone can easily follow:

  1. Choose the document from your PC that you need to convert or drag it into the website’s conversion box.
  2. The server will begin to extract and scan the data.
  3. Sit and wait for the process to be over. The conversion process will be done soon.
  4. After the conversion, start downloading the file to your desktop or share the file with online websites.


Making your website means that you have to protect your project’s framework. You might want to avoid people stealing the source codes of your HTML. To preserve those codes, you have to convert an HTML document into a PDF file. PDF files are safe to avoid unwanted individuals to get their hands on your files. PDFs will make sure that your documents are secure, especially when sending them to other people. With that said, here’s how to convert your HTML files into PDFs:

  1. Get your HTML file link. Paste it in the website’s conversion box.
  2. The system will start processing your document.
  3. Sit back and wait for the process.
  4. Start saving the file to your computer. You can also share the link to your online sites.


Converting your PDFs into other file formats or vice versa is necessary to access them on different platforms. If you wish to convert your files without any trouble and no hassle, you must start using these tools from GogoPDF. They are easy to operate, and anyone can use them for free.

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