Planning Your Cross-Country Canadian Trip

Canada is one of the best countries to make a cross-country trip. If you have the time and are ready to take on an adventure, it is the perfect endeavor! Your travel will depend on many different things, so it is essential to prioritize what you want out of the trip. 

Choose How Long You Want It To Be

This is one of the very first things to consider when planning any cross-country road trip. It will determine how many places you can visit and how long you will spend at each location. From there, you should map out your most optimal route and make sure you research the terrain!

Optimize Your Time in a Certain Area

This is a critical aspect of any cross-country traveling. Depending on if you are driving, flying, or both, you want to make the most out of your location. Backtracking can cause you to lose a lot of precious time you could spend elsewhere on your trip. Make sure your route is clear and manageable. You also do not want to pack so many things in at once that you don’t get to appreciate everything you see! 

Be Open to New Things

As much as everyone likes to stick to the plan, make sure you are open to new experiences or opportunities. Sometimes things don’t pan out exactly how we want them to be but don’t get discouraged! Take that as an opportunity to adjust your schedule and ask locals or take a leap of faith in experiencing something! 

Go Outdoors 

 Even if you are not necessarily an “outdoors” person, there are a couple of places in Canada that anyone can appreciate. There are breathtaking views and landscapes such as Banff and Jasper National Park. If you are looking to fit some skiing in your trip, check out Whistler Blackcomb or Lake Louise Ski Resort. 

Visit Key Places

You cannot travel across an entire country without visiting its most iconic destinations. You might include the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver, with its mountains, friendly nature, and clean streets. Once you fall in love with the city, don’t stop yourself from looking at Vancouver homes for sale. Another vital spot that majestically represents the beauty of Canada is The Butchart Gardens. These gardens are a historic site in Canada that can be visited any time of the year. 

Make a Packing List 

A packing list can go a long way, especially if you are taking a trip cross-country. You will not regret the double, triple checking of all of the things you need. Split your list into sections like food, camping, clothes, and toiletries to make it easier to remember all of the essentials to pack. 


A cross country trip is a brilliant way to maximize your time seeing the best things in Canada! Some people may be scared by how much planning and long the trip will be, but don’t let this stop you. There is so much flexibility for each person, especially if you follow these tips!