Pre Purchase Building Inspection Advice

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pre purchase building inspections

The term pre-purchase building inspection refers to a pre-assessment of any vacant property which is done by an experienced professional. This inspection procedure almost encompasses all aspects of the vacant property including faulty roofs and cracked and broken walls. Basically this type of inspection is performed in order to find out the exact condition of a home before it is put up for sale. It is also done to determine the amount which needs to be invested on the property. A pre-purchase building inspection costs less than normal home inspections. However, one should not confuse the purchase building inspections with homebuyers’ home inspections.

Homebuyer’s home inspections are usually carried out within the locality in which the prospective home is located. They cover the entire vicinity including surrounding properties, the neighbourhood and other buildings and homes. While the purchase building inspections are generally more thorough than homebuyer’s home inspections, the latter are usually cheaper and tend to be more convenient. They do not have to travel beyond the vicinity of their locality.

An important pre-purchase building inspection involves checking the construction materials used in the building. Materials could include stucco, bricks, blocks, tiles, glass, doors, windows and roofing material. All of these shall be properly inspected for any cracks, deformation, damages or other structural defects. In case a structural flaw is detected, the defects should be repaired or replaced immediately so as not to cause damage to other properties nearby the site of the defect. Otherwise, the structural weakness of a property may prove to be disastrous.

The pre-building inspection also determines if there are any defects in the drainage system, plumbing, heating system, electrical system or any other systems which are essential for comfortable living. Pre-purchase building inspections should take place even before the house is ready for sale. This will help avoid any complaints or adverse remarks from the buyer once the property is on the sale block. Buyers would rather buy a house with defects than one without any.

A pre-purchase building inspection also determines if there are any structural defects in the roof or other structural parts of the house. A regular home inspection will also identify other problems like pests, bugs, mould, mildew, wallpaper or floor cracks. While buying a house, buyers are advised to ask whether the seller is maintaining the property as well as inspecting it for safety concerns. This helps ensure that all the expected issues are addressed prior to purchase.

It is important to hire a reputable company for the purchase of building inspections. It helps identify potential safety risks and other flaws which can later cause injury or death. Some companies are more thorough than others. For this reason, it is important to conduct a pre-purchase inspection to make sure the property being bought is safe.

Another important pre-purchase building inspection tip is to consider the level of service the inspector offers. Some inspectors offer round the clock service. They may even be available to come out on certain days at odd hours, to evaluate the condition of certain parts of the house. In some cases, the buyer may not even need an inspection because a buyer can spot potential problems on his own. However, if there are things that the buyer cannot detect himself, such as roof leaks, he should always get the services of a professional or purchase inspector to avoid any costly repairs.

One should also find out what the pre-purchase building inspection costs. Some companies may charge a few hundred dollars, while others can work up to several thousand dollars for the entire project. In the case of large structures, like apartment buildings or high-rise condos, it is common to pay tens of thousands of dollars for the pre-purchase building inspection. A buyer who saves a few hundred dollars in a down economy should take this into consideration. After all, this is money that will never have to be repaid.

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