Pro Tips for Negotiating with a Mitsubishi Dealer in Gold Coast

You’ve determined to change your old car over the weekend. After saving for months for this, you’re excited to clinch the keys to your new ride. However, before concluding on the flashiest deal, it’d help if you’re strategic about your purchase. 

The following tips will help you maximize car sales, whether you’re at a Gold Coast Mitsubishi dealer or elsewhere.

Visit Up to Two or Three Dealerships

When planning to car shop, one good rule to note says that you visit different dealerships. Get the list of dealerships close to you and plan to visit them within one weekend. You may want to conduct a simple Google search for, let’s say, Mitsubishi dealers in Gold Coast. 

You don’t want to put off this basic negotiation rule for a waste of time. By the time you’ve gone through all the stores, you’d know which store offers the better deal. You’d also be more informed at negotiating with the following dealership after talking with the former salesperson. Visiting the nearest dealer to you alone might give you less bargaining power. 

Shop within the Month

Salespersons at car dealerships usually have monthly targets they have to make. So, salespersons are likely to be under pressure to hit their targets during the month’s middle. Therefore, shopping around the middle of the month allows you to take advantage of their need to sell. By now, you get the gist already.

Your salesperson would likely lower the price in the negotiation to increase their sales volume. The story is quite different when you visit Hyundai dealers in Melbourne towards the month’s end. They’d have met their monthly targets and would rather delay your purchase to count for the following months. Otherwise, you might not get a good offer from the sales representative.

Besides shopping in the middle of the month, you could also plan towards the year’s end. That’s because most car dealerships would be clearing out their stock and would reduce the price to achieve that.

Carefully Consider Your Loan Options

You’re visiting the nearest mitsubishi dealers Gold Coast—or some Hyundai dealers in Queensland this weekend. Admittedly, the beautiful for sale signs and balloons on the cars are distracting. The only challenge is that the vehicles are a little above your budget.

Before concluding on getting car finance from the dealership, how about considering other lenders? Carefully consider your car loan options: banks, car lenders, or dealership loans. You don’t want to drive the car of your dreams only to start having nightmares over car debt.

Taking dealership loans could be quite unfavorable to you because of other sale events. For example, if you got a good deal on car price, it might adversely affect car finance. Somehow, the salesperson wouldn’t want to “lose” or fall short on both transactions. Moreover, the cost of getting finance before buying could propel your negotiation skills at the dealership. 

Be Ready to Walk Away

It could be tough to walk away from a nice Hyundai i30 for sale in Gold Coast you spotted. However, though you prefer the brand, it came with some undesirable specifications. But the dealership is now offering free personal branding or automatic upgrade to appease your dissatisfaction.

One thing you’d want to remember is that car dealerships are in business to make profit—not friends. Therefore, regardless of how polite they are, it’s okay to exit the showroom if you aren’t satisfied. Interestingly, that action could compel the salesperson to lower the price to close the deal. It’s your hard-earned money; you want to maximize every penny of it.

Stick to the above four tips in negotiating with car dealerships of any brand for your next car. And who knows? You may be closing a good car deal that gives you value for your money anytime soon.