Products You Will Rarely (or Never) See on Amazon

Customers usually explore all the possible avenues before choosing a platform to spend their money in. They know that a platform should be reputable enough to provide their credit card information, their name and shipping address. 

In fact, the vast majority of customers prefer Amazon for this very reason. They know that this platform won’t offer inauthentic or fake products, and that Amazon sellers will get their Amazon account suspended if something is wrong. In other words, Amazon is a safe haven for those who want to shop online and enjoy the customer experience at the same time. 

To live up to these gigantic expectations, Amazon has to do something: something strict and something logical. For this very reason, certain products are forbidden or need special permissions directly from the platform. 

Jewelry: Someone Needs a Permission! 

As we said, Amazon is ready to do literally anything to cheer its customers up and satisfy them. Ergo, not everyone deserves to sell things like jewelry: things that are usually a part of every outfit and every fresh look. 

So, to show Amazon that they are physically, financially and mentally ready for selling jewelry on the platform, sellers need at least a year of selling experience, revenue of $50,000 and more, and have exemplary account metrics. So, they should always keep their eyes on the metrics section: otherwise, they will have to work hard to reactivate Amazon seller account suspensions.

Mein Kampf: You Won’t Find The Official Edition!

Hitler’s Mein Kampf and other literature that pertains to Nazi ideology are banned here. Of course, you can find random translations and fake copies, but the content is too deteriorated there. 

Here’s an original review from a random Amazon customer: “there are missing chapters and the sentence structure makes no sense.” So, if you need the official 1939 edition, you will need to observe other platforms and websites. In general, just skip the book. It never did anyone any favors! 

Cosmetics: Hard-to-Reach Beauty

You think that selling cosmetics is easy? Well, the purchasing process certainly is! However, if you want to make sure that the products you see on the platform  are completely safe and authentic, then look at the requirements that Amazon sellers should meet:

If Amazon sellers don’t want to get their Amazon account suspended, they have to supply the products directly from the manufacturer and keep invoices dated within the last 180 days. However, this is not the end! Amazon wants to make sure that its sellers have proof of FDA registration, good manufacturing practices (GMP) certificate, and certificate of analysis (COA).

As you can see, certain products are extremely rare to find, and some of them go through so many stages that it’s literally impossible to find something bad. If you’re a customer and still hesitate, then it’s time to do your own research, understand what sellers go through and make your purchase. 

And don’t worry, everything will be just fine!