Provence Residence, Executive Condominium for You and Your Family

Searching for suitable real estate like a condominium could be very tiresome. Especially when you already have the fund to acquire your long-awaited executive condominium. With proven quality in terms of residential projects. MCC Land offers you the Provence residence executive condominium. Located in the Canberra Link, you could find yourself, and your family is surrounded by high-class facilities that assist you in fulfilling your daily necessities. From Canberra Plaza to Sembawang Springs Park, you know that you and your family are in the right place and community. With numerous facilities near the residence, you know that the provence residence executive condominium is the house that you and your family need.

The estimating is ordinarily lower than a standard cost of a private house. It is on the grounds that the expenses of the actual land are Government’s appropriations. Additionally, when it comes to the payment, you can have the CPF (Central Provident Fund) to pay for the leader condo from the engineer. The executive condominium itself integrates to specific states of the HBD (Housing and Development Board) flats. For example, your family unit pay ought not to be more than $16,000 each month to coordinate the conditions to purchase an executive condo. 

Extra guidelines identify with your inhabitance period; you should have in any event five years of inhabitance period: and at that point, your executive condominium is disallowed for lease or deal. After the inhabitance time frame, you do have the freedom to offer it yet just to the PRs (Singaporean Permanents Residents) or Singaporeans. Concerning foreigners, you can have the executive condo following a long time from the completion of the improvement. 

Assume you are keen on having your own special executive condominium. You can get it from a private developer like MCC Land. In the event that you do, you can have it at a lower cost than the ordinary expenses of a private home. This can occur because of the land costs are Government’s sponsorship. Additionally, for the installment, you ready to get the CPF (Central Provident Fund) awards to pay for your executive condo.

  • MCC Land (Singapore) Limited 

MCC Land (Singapore) Pte Ltd is an organization underneath MCC Group settled in Singapore. It is the Fortune 500 organization Metallurgy Corporation of China Ltd auxiliary organization. It is a supplier of full advancement administrations spent significant time in administrations for engineering, property improvement, project and construction management. 

Since its foundation in 2010, with regards to the land with the most extreme outcomes in Singapore, it is firmly identified with MCC land (Singapore) Limited. MCC Land (Singapore) Limited has become the main private venture engineer. Instances of its undertakings are Canberra Residences, One Canberra, Northwave, The Alps, and so forth. 

MCC Land (Singapore) Limited was consolidated in 2010 and has been effectively associated with Singapore’s land scene, accomplishing incredible outcomes. It has built up a wide scope of generally welcomed private activities, including One Canberra, Canberra Residences, The Alps, Northwave, and so forth. MCC Land (Singapore) Limited itself is recorded as the best 10 residential developers in Singapore for three straight years. Another acknowledgment of MCC Land (Singapore) Limited is won the honor for “Asia’s Top Influential Brands.” This can occur because of the submitted attempts to accomplish great outcomes. 

For the past few years, MCC Land (Singapore) Limited has enlarged its business reach to different nations like Indonesia, India, and Malaysia. In doing as such, MCC Land (Singapore) Limited grows and seals the MCC Group’s achievement in South East Asia.

This article will guide you when it comes to registering, making applications, and booking an appointment for the Provence residence executive condominium. We provide this article in purpose to ease you in the registration process, especially buyers who have already interested in our Provence residence executive condominium.

Provence Residence Register

Suppose that you are interested in acquiring your very own executive condominium. You have to register yourself first. This can help you in getting any information and validate yourself as a legitimate buyer for us. In doing so, we can make sure that we reach the targetted market or those who actually in need of having an executive condominium.

Provence Residence Application

We have the e-Application system for our purchasing system. There will be some key points that you should have know, such as:

There will not be any registration fee when you submit your e-Application

You will get no penalty if, for some reason, you find yourself deciding not to buy the unit.

If you have the eligibility to be our applicant, you will be the first one to receive any newest information, be invited to fill the review of VVIP, and able to have the Early Bird Discount when it comes to booking day.

After we have assessed and come up with eligible applicants, we will notify you so you can receive your ballot number.

If you encounter any problems in terms of submitting your e-application form, you can access our customer support, and we will help you to overcome the issue.

Provence Residence Book Appointment

As you registered with us, you can also book for the appointment of the Provence residence executive condominium showflat. You can have several advantages like first hand information, especially when it comes to the availability of the virtual showflat tour of the executive condominium. We will notify you first, so you can have the best experience and get to look at the condominium in a closer look.

You may be wondering why the residence is called Provence. It is originated from the design of a French courtyard that can give you the feeling of romance, serenity but still get the feeling of modernism. You would notice that the residence is surrounded by flowers and sweet scents, so you could fresh all the time and feeling comfy on the residence.

In the end, I hope that this article can embrace you in registering and submitting your application to have a unit in the Provence Residence executive condominium.