React Vs. Ember- Which Javascript Framework Deserves Your Attention?

Developing an application can be a tough job- from ideation to innovation; everything needs proper attention and planning.

What baffles entrepreneurs the most here is choosing the right technology for their applications.

Since technology forms the core of your application, you can not afford to make random choices. Many business owners choose new technologies- freshly released and end up stuck with a tech no one knows about. Some prefer technology that restricts them from expanding their application’s working.

Therefore, no risk can be taken when deciding the fundamental technology of your mobile application.

In this write-up, we’ll solve your confusion about choosing between two front-end technologies, both carefully designed to provide an optimum user experience.

In this battle between ReactJS and EmberJS, you will be able to make an informed choice of whether to hire react js developers or that of Ember.

So let’s get you started with rapid application development with the best-suited front-end technology for your project.

Both EmberJS and ReactJS are pretty popular solutions facilitating rapid development of the front-end of an application and are generating significant revenues, thanks to their “everything best” user experience.

However, even though both technologies are designed to provide easier development, they share some similarities. Thus, it is imperative to make an informed decision when choosing one of the two since one wrong move can get you back to step one in minutes.

So set your head right with the detailed comparison we have put in the write-up:

The Introduction:

What is ReactJS?

The simple definition of ReactJS is that it is an open-source JavaScript-based library that can effectively build performant UIs. It is an out of the box tool that develops the presentation layer of single-page applications and mobile apps.

ReactJS is owned and maintained by Facebook and a large pool of developers and contributors. The platform is simple, classic, and elegant in building interactive user interfaces for applications managing frequent data such as Instagram.

We must remember that many companies prefer to hire  reactjs developer to create legendary applications.

What is EmberJS?

EmberJS is a model-view-ViewModel based JavaScript framework. It is an open-source platform that can be used to build scalable and dynamic applications using best practices.

Impressive applications can be developed using Ember’s consistent structure, active community, and remarkable documentation. Thus, it proves to be one of the most robust and stable frameworks JavaScript has.



ReactJS offers many incredible advantages; companies find it too hard to ignore. Therefore, ReactJS was titled “the most loved framework of StackOverflow 2019.”

Therefore, more and more companies prefer to hire react js developers to build their brilliant technology applications, making the most of it.

  • Easy learning curve
  • The component-based architecture it has makes the code pattern elegant and simple
  • It is flexible and can be integrated with other MVC frameworks of third-party libraries
  • It is productive and provides high performance
  • Decreases complex manipulation of codes with two-way data binding.


EmberJS, too, offers many benefits to your application.

Although, when it comes to popularity, ReactJS sure leads the way. According to W3Tech, this framework is used by merely 0.1% of websites dealing in JavaScript. Even Though Ember’s popularity saw a significant spike between 2012 to 2015. The framework still couldn’t make it big.

However, that does not mean it’s any less than other technologies. It offers:

  • A community of skilled, active, and mature resources.
  • Bright, precise, and updated documentation
  • Improves performance with more functional codes and asynchronicity, thanks to the template engine and promises.
  • A massive eco-system to develop ambitious applications
  • Flexible, comprehensive, and fast
  • Provides features such as automatic view filtering that helps remove unnecessary codes making the entire process less prone to errors.


Both technologies have diverse uses. Different objectives with development will manipulate your final choice. Let’s understand where you can use what?


Can be used to create:

  • Single-page applications
  • Highly interactive user interfaces
  • Search engine accuracies
  • Server-side rendered pages
  • Applications with the frequent flow of data
  • Real-time lightweight apps
  • The presentation layer of web and mobile applications


Can be used to create:

  • Single-page applications
  • Integrating complex functionalities
  • Web applications with better native features
  • Long-lived projects
  • Applications needing a development environment that matches with Python’s.

The Community:


The popularity ReactJS enjoys is known to all. Every company out there requires to hire a reactjs developer because why not? It is smart, easy to use and excellent built to provide dynamic application development. Therefore, it is a favorite of many tech giants and millions of developers.

Besides being popularly mentioned in thousands of StackOverflow questions, the technology also boasts its popularity in other discussion-community forums like Hashnode’s React community, Reddit’s React community, Spectrum’s React community, and many more.

React’s community has seen the highest and most rapid growth since the day it was launched. Currently, it flaunts 150,000 stars on Github. In totality, nothing is more straightforward than ReactJS when it comes to a novice developer looking to fit into a community and start with her/his career.


The framework is popular among software developers and tech companies, thanks to the stable community and robust foundations.

The framework is popular on both Github and StackOverflow. It shines 20,000 stars on Github and thousands of questions on StackOverflow. EmberJS has managed to secure its place as a platform with a robust and still going community.

Still, since the framework deals with developing complex-enterprise level applications, its popularity among various developers hasn’t reached the massive level of appreciation ReactJS enjoys.

The Ember community of developers and its discussion forums aim to solve the most critical problems related to the frameworks.

Without a doubt, we can say that the community is mature, active, and helpful.

Applications using ReactJS:

Many popular applications use ReactJS in their tech stacks, including Twitter, Netflix, and The New York Times.

Applications using EmberJS:

Many popular applications use EmberJS in their tech stacks, including Accenture, LinkedIn, Betterii, and 9Teams.


We are sure you are excited about choosing the best framework to develop the front-end of your application. The choice between the two is not challenging once you understand what technology suits which project the best.

When to choose ReactJS:

  • If you need an easy start and are beginning with technology
  • If you need a lightweight application
  • If your application needs robust server-side rendering
  • If interactive UI development is your priority
  • If you need your code to be easy to read and debug

When to choose EmberJS:

  • If you need a scalable technology for a project that is expected to last super long
  • If you need a python-like development environment
  • If you wish for a stable community and solid foundation for your app
  • If the app development process needs convention over configurations and sophisticated coding practices. 

Now you can make an informed choice.