Real Estate Purchase: How To analyze Your Rental Investment

Planning to invest in rentals? If yes, then there are certain things that can help you make a fruitful investment. Read on to know all those things! 

Check the Population Stats

To evaluate the value of a rental investment, first examine the population’s evolution in the considered area. If the birth rate steadily increases in the region, then the area has a dynamic local life with needs in services, including housing. On the other hand, if the age pyramid shows that young people are leaving the territory, you will encounter difficulties renting your real estate investment over time.

According to a study, more than 70% of people own their homes after the age of 60. So if there are fewer young people in a region than adults, the rental profitability will be affected. Mostly, economic or tourist areas see their population increasing, while more rural areas see a decrease in population.

To identify cities in which to invest and increase your rental yield, look for urban areas that encourage the installation of new families and the influx of students. Currently, NJ cities near NYC are the best option for it. 

Examine The Economic Attractiveness Of The City

To choose a city to invest, check the dynamism of employment and local companies’ sectors of activity.  These two parameters define the attractiveness of a city. The presence of economic growth indicates real accommodation needs. Furnished rentals for temporary workers, apartments, or residential houses for families, all types of rental properties will survive and earn you profit. In addition, the presence of jobs in the area provides better stability of household income and thus more clients for your rentals.  Areas in NJ close to NYC are a perfect example of these parameters.

On the other hand, a territory with a high unemployment rate is not a good choice to invest in unless there are economic revitalization projects underway. In that case, you can get a high ROI, but not immediately.  You will have to wait for the completion of the new business setup plans in the area. 

Help Tip: To have a reliable economic overview of the city, the region’s chambers of commerce provide up-to-date data. 

Advice For Tourist Region 

A tourist region with a historic center or on the coastline encourages short-term rentals for visitors. The output of the rental business then differs according to the tourist seasons and demand. There will be days when you will get a good amount of rent per day, and also there will be other days when you will have to satisfy yourself with whatever the client offers. 

The Real Estate Prices And Stats

Whether you are looking to make a rental investment in NYC or any other US city, you need to know the current property price ranges. This will help you in properly assessing the profitability of your investment and before making any deal. 

Apart from price, you should also know about:

  • What is the trend in land sales in recent years? 
  • Is the average price of apartments and houses constantly increasing in the area sought?


These points will help you anticipate your real estate investment valuation for a future resale.
Note: The value of a property can depreciate over time due to a lack of maintenance on the owners’ part. In this case, property prices fall due to the high maintenance costs required for the property’s rehabilitation. Such properties with their low price very often attract rental investors. However, the risks remain present if the property is not rented even after the restoration because of other factors. So, it is evident that you only make the investment after considering all the factors mentioned above.