Sensors Used Within Sports & Motor Industry.

Sensors have become part of our lives, there are sensors on practically any electronic device from computers. Smartphones, cars, home appliances.

What is a sensor?

In electronics this electronic part is referred to also as a transducer. A sensor is a device that converts data from its input source and outputs it as data that can be read by machines or humans. A simple example of a sensor is a thermometer that output the temperature of its environment or a car reverse parking sensor that beeps louder as you get closer to an obstacle. For layman person, a sensor is what help any product detect real world inputs and provide an output of real-world quantity.

What types of sensors are in the market?

Over the years sensors have been used to make our lives easier for example, our security lights will automatically come one when it turns dark, our garage doors and gates will open when they detect your car coming closer and close when reverse effect happens, our thermostats will adjust the heating as soon as soon as temperatures fall below certain level. These tasks are only possible because of advanced science of sensors and transducers. Below we will list the various types of sensors and their applications, highlight online stores you can order transducer like oemsecrets.com, an electronic parts price comparison for professional and hobbyists alike.  

In the sport and motor industry, there are a variety of sensors and transducers available in the market for use from tire pressure sensors, brakes, proximity, engine oil amongst others that will care to discuss.

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  • Temperature Sensor

Some of the most common temperature sensors include the LM35 and DS18B20(digital sensor) sensor IC. There are various temperature sensors from thermistors, thermocouples and RTD and

  • Infrared Sensor or IR

IR sensors are commonly used for applications like street lighting, industrial assembly and in the motoring world its works well for object detection and proximity gauge.

  • Proximity Sensor

This non-contact type sensor is used to detect the presence of an object and in the sports and motor industry can be used for parking and object alignment purposes.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor

An example part of an ultrasonic electronic part is the HC-SR04, read more here for details of how this ultra-sonic distance sensor works. This sensor can be used for very cool applications including self-driving, radar and navigation, face recognition etc.

  • Accelerometer

This sensor is used to measure proper acceleration i.e., acceleration in relation to free fall and speed change. Applications for this can also be detecting vibration in shock absorbers, collision impacts and orientation and change in direction.

  • Pressure Sensors

Most pressure sensor uses a diaphragm and also a strain gauge bridge to sense, detect and measure the force applied usually against a unit area. Key industries that use this include gas and petroleum industries and in motorsports for tires.


This sensors and transducers article provided you with a general overview of sensors used in sports, pets and consumer electronic products with a key focus on industrial applications in motorsports. For more about sensors check out the details below.

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