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Dedicated server hosting UAE is the ultimate option to host a website. It is like owning your own house, where you can customize décor, services according to your budget and requirements. Dedicated server hosting in UAE is a great option to host a website as you will get flexible arrangements of services and plans. It will be dedicated to you and only you. There will be one server and one company unlike shared hosting where there is one server and multiple companies. Serverwala provides you the server administration as a perk which comes with dedicated hosting UAE. So, if you are owning something big and you want your business to flourish then opt the Best Dedicated Server UAE Plans for your website. But before getting to a conclusion, know your dedicated server to the core, and for that you need to dive in!

Know About Dedicated Server UAE

A Best dedicated server UAE is a boon to the websites with high traffic. In UAE where the market is so strong, one needs to have a competitive website with minimum lags and down time so that the customer can enjoy full benefit of the website. It will ultimately increase the popularity of your website among the urban. Dedicated servers in UAE are a must for big business owners, eCommerce websites or any other high traffic website. Consider yourself owning a big piece of land. It is up to you how smartly you utilize that. Either you can make a lavish bungalow or you can make flats on it. By making flats you will earn a lot of profit. Now again it’s up to you that you want to rent out the flats or you want to sell it. It is exactly the case with a dedicated server. If you own a dedicated server in UAE, it means only ‘YOU’ are the owner of the server. It also increases the security of the website as no one will be able to attack your personal and important data related to your website. If your website has lags and continuous downtime people will hesitate to proceed towards the payment but on the other hand if your website offers a smooth and clean interface with minimum downtime the customers will not hesitate. It is also very important. It is the duty of the owner to satisfy and provide the customers with utmost service.

 Type of Best Dedicated Server UAE

There are two basic types of best dedicated servers in UAE. They are managed and unmanaged dedicated servers which have their own specifications. They are:

A). Managed Dedicated Servers– It is easy to guess by the name, what a managed dedicated server is. The owner doesn’t have to worry about updates, control panel details, security or downtime. The web hosting company will handle it all in a managed dedicated server hosting. Company just has to concentrate on the core work. Companies that choose managed dedicated hosting in UAE, don’t have to deal with the dirty work like managing performance, regulating uptime or any security issues. They are free on that note. Companies having a managed dedicated server offer minimum downtime and robust performance throughout.

B). Unmanaged Dedicated Servers– You might get attracted to unmanaged dedicated hosting servers because of the sticker price but in the long run it is said that managed dedicated servers are a much better option. In this, it is only your responsibility to manage software, hosting servers and what not on your own. This is good for companies that want to take full charge of the company to themselves by using their human resource. With this type of hosting, the company is only responsible for the hardware of the server and other related things. Other than that you can manage everything on your own.

Brief: Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Serverwala is a hosting website which ensures that you are getting utmost quality services along with robust performance. Serverwala in UAE will make sure that your business flourish on the peaks but providing 24×7 customer support and flexible services which you can increase according to the growth of your business.

Serverwala Best Plans and Packages of  Dedicated Hosting UAE

There are various plans that are there and you can choose from them accordingly. Generally, the Cheap dedicated server UAE plan starts from Cheap price and that too depending on your requirements. The more you customize it the cost will change. Serverwala offers a great customization in their plans which you can check out.

Benefits of Using UAE Based Dedicated Server

There are innumerable benefits of using a dedicated server UAE. The major ones are security and flexibility. It provides utmost security under the roof and also flexibility according to the requirements and needs of a customer. Some of the million benefits of a Best dedicated server in UAE are:


A Cheap Dedicated Server UAE from Serverwala offers an individual firewall to protect important data of any firm. Consider someone, who is owning an eCommerce website, must be having critical and important data that shouldn’t be hacked or shared. This type of server comes in handy when the security matters are considered.

#2. Expansion-

When your website grows in terms of resources and traffic, you need to upgrade everything to take the load. For that, the scalable behavior of a UAE dedicated server is of great help. You can customize it at any point of time according to the traffic. You can change its RAM, software, hard drive, etc.

#3. Response time-

A dedicated server in UAE is not affected by any other party on the server as there is none. A dedicated server belongs to one and only one person. So, the response time is pretty nice when a dedicated server is considered.


Reliability is must when you are paying a decent amount of your hard-earned money and investing it into something which is important. A UAE dedicated server hosting ensures it all by being reliable 24×7.

#5.Customer support-

No matter how good or bad the server is, one must be needing customer support. It is because there are some technical issues which arise while working. So, with a UAE dedicated server you will get well-trained and professional customer support to help you out of anything.

Why Choose Serverwala to Buy a Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE

I think, by now you have made up your mind to invest in a UAE dedicated hosting and to purchase a plan Serverwala is the best option to upgrade your website for the smoothest surfing ever. Moreover, it is a one-click solution and installation which is enough to attract anyone. Serverwala in UAE is hassle-free, smooth and robust. It will help you to host your website with maximum comfort and security. So, when you hear hosting, Serverwala is the solution.


So, reading all of the above if your life also depends on something called ‘INTERNET’ then you must invest in the things that will nourish your experience over the internet and also your customers’. Serverwala in UAE offers great deals and prices on dedicated servers for multiple requirements. You must opt for the Best dedicated servers in UAE from the OG Serverwala to make your website experience smoother and richer.