Serverwala: Host Your Website with Cheap Dedicated Server Japan

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Are you a person who runs an eCommerce website? Are you looking for hosting solutions for your business? My friend, you’ve hit the right link. In a country like Japan where there is hustle-bustle everywhere, each and everyone is running their business online and those who are not, are now turning their services online. In such times, you need a robust server that can handle all the chores of your company.

A Bare Metal Dedicated Hosting Japan is a completely isolated environment for your company, which grants you full control of your data and server. You can customize each and everything according to your needs and requirements. The most important thing of all, you can downgrade or upgrade a dedicated server according to the growth of your business at any given time. One of the Best Dedicated Server Japan Plans is offered by Serverwala. I’m sure, now you must be getting a mind full of questions. The answer to those questions lies below. So, dive in!

How Dedicated Server Japan is Best?

I’m sure you must have visited some websites which are laggy, where to find the payment process a little gimmicky. Basically, everything about that website makes you question and doubt. I’m sure you don’t like these kinds of websites and you find it impossible to trust them. So, clearly you don’t want your own website like this. To counter all of the above, we have a Cheap Japan dedicated server from Serverwala for the win.

It will provide you a complete hosting environment with root access.  Will handle all the heavy traffic on your website. It is highly customizable. It’s like owning your own house, having everything like décor, services and appliances according to your preferences and your budget. Unlike shared hosting, where there are probably 1000’s of companies on the same server, where your security depends on the other people on the server, a dedicated Hosting means 1 server = 1 host. Cheap Dedicated server japan is simply the best, no doubt about it.

About Serverwala

Serverwala is a web hosting company that has 1000’s of happy customers around the globe. It’s a big bull in the hosting industry. Serverwala has won many awards. Especially in a country like Japan, a good Japan dedicated server is a must if you’re owning a big online portal. What’s better than a Serverwala dedicated server in Japan?

Serverwala Best Plans and Packages of the Best Dedicated Server Japan

Serverwala doesn’t come with one or two plans. There are different people with different requirements and to suit your needs Serverwala dedicated servers in Japan are available in 7 categories. You can choose on a monthly basis trail or 3 months, 6 months or a yearly course. Trust me, whenever you will visit the Serverwala website you will not feel left out as Serverwala Japan dedicated servers have covered it all.

Why choose Serverwala Dedicated Server Japan to host your website?

To invest in a dedicated Hosting in Japan is a trustworthy process. You need something robust, reliable, and secure for your online business. To conquer all these points, Serverwala dedicated server is here. You can’t know the difference until you use one. Serverwala guarantees you 99.99% uptime with 24×7 customer support and that too at a reasonable rate. Serverwala will provide you the best tools and software to manage your hosting environment. Sometimes installation can be a difficult process but Serverwala has achieved to provide one-click installation to their customers. They provide a free building solution for your website. No matter, how much the traffic is, you can easily manage it with a Japan dedicated server from Serverwala. The faster pages load, the more traffic on the website is. So, a smoother and fast website is directly proportional to the footfall. Serverwala dedicated server got you covered.



Top Features for Serverwala Dedicated Server Japan

Serverwala’s dedicated server in Japan provides many features that will surely attract you. I’m listing some of the many below:



Companies hire dedicated servers as their hosting solution because of the surety it provides. If you opt for a managed dedicated server from Serverwala in Japan, trust me, you’re sorted. It is because your human resource can focus on other important work instead of managing servers which will improve efficacy. There are many IT technicians on the other side of the screen who will manage that for you.


#2. Scalable- 

If you’ve just entered an online business or your company comes under SMEs, both of the typologies will aim to rise and increase their business. It will lead to high footfall which will then require you to provide smooth and fast services to your customers. Then comes a dedicated server from Serverwala in Japan as your umbrella.



Security is the most important ingredient of this cake. If any kind of data breach happens to any website, then it will have to face revenue loss, reputation, customer loss, and whatnot. Serverwala dedicated server allows you to add different types of security features like firewalls, anti-malware software, security patches to protect you from a data breach.


#4.Root control- 

With Serverwala dedicated server you’ll be getting full root access to your server so that you can customize it at any point of time according to your needs and growth.


#5.24×7 presence- 

To secure your server, 24×7 monitoring is done by Serverwala technicians. This further ensures, minimum downtime of your website which is very important these days.


#6.OS choices- 

You can install OS that suits your business needs. The business chores that happen require a particular OS like Windows or Linux. Amazingly, Serverwala’s dedicated server offers you both.


#7. Hardware is equally important

 Users are set free to choose hardware that suits them. RAM, CPU, bandwidth, storage, speed, and other related things come in this category. Serverwala in Japan provides a dedicated server with all these customization options.


#8. Controlling panel-

 Serverwala in Japan serves control panels that are rich in features, robust in performance, and easy to use. A lot of automation is available in these control panels for a better experience and ease of access.


Customer Review

Customer reviews are the most important while purchasing anything online, be it a hosting service or a t-shirt. This is because customers tell you the exact and raw feedback to anything. Serverwala has served many customers globally and they are loyal customers of Serverwala. Some say they are experiencing crazy footfall on their website as there is no downtime plus the loading is smooth. Some have said they’re collecting greater revenues from their online business. Many of them have switched from a shared server to a Serverwala dedicated server in Japan and trust me the response from them is crazy. They’ve felt a drastic difference in the before and after. Serverwala for the win!



So, concluding all of the above, if you want to invest in making your online presence differentiate from others go for a dedicated server from Serverwala. It will make your site experience smoother plus the automated control panel will save you from a lot of headaches. Even if something arises, skilled IT technicians are sitting behind your back. So, no need to worry about Serverwala Best Dedicated Hosting in Japan. All the goodness coming at such a price point is a boon itself. I hope your query is resolved.