Team management app For Mobile Phones

There are multiple reasons why tram management is essential and how can be more beneficial from using team management apps. People feel some important changes after experiencing these apps as a tool.

  • Improved time management and efficiency
  • Project monitoring with transparency
  • Better communication
  • Easier project scheduling, reporting, and monitoring
  • Better resource management

These team management apps assist everyone on the same page and make sure one falls through the split. This app helps to manage tasks quite easily to keep eye on the work efficiency of your team and get what they required early on before the problem rise.

Consideration process of team management apps:

  • Easy to use
  • Exceptional features
  • Precise team requirements
  • Accomplishment and integration
  • Bandwidth
  • Budget

By using these apps everyone can monitor the progress of their team and also assist them toward achieving their task.

Weekdone: Ideal for transparent team updates

Weekdone is an exemplary team management app specifically for managers who have to monitor all team members for quick progress and easily understandable prioritize. These team management apps are easy to make goals through weekly plans, problems, and progress. These goals help to engage the employees to make them busy, focused, and motivated. Through messaging and commenting features managers can give proper feedback and update in a timely. Weekdone gives more clarity that helps to avoid mistakes and applaud for encouragement that is quite essential when team members have to work hard on one long project.  This management app charges $99 monthly, for countless users and $990 yearly and provides 2 months free in package. Weekdone also has a free version with all bells for 3 person team. These all teams get a free trial period of 14 days.


  • A weekly report of every team member and manager.
  • Promote accuracy and transparency for better communication
  • Optic appealing dashboards interface and graphs.


  • It is not ideal for enterprises organizations.
  • MS team integration is not finished.
  • Through customized features can increase setup time.

Workvivo: social sharing across the organization:

People love to workvivo for so many reasons. One of the biggest reasons out of plenty is providing opportunities. Engagement number of team assists to get positive culture in the company. This team management app is also a social sharing platform that is specifically designed for preferred sites of social media. Through creating a social media space where everybody is really up to share professional updates. When it comes to satisfaction of employees workvivo has its hit mark. Moreover, users will get a secure platform to reserve, share and access files and analytics of calculating organization and employee engagement.


  • Superb for a team of any size bur especially larger
  • Attractive interface easy to use
  • Already used tool integration available.


  • Some workers face trouble disconnecting from social media due to overload content.

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