The 5 Best Programming Languages For iOS App Development

We are living in the most advanced age of this world. And this modernization has resulted incredibly in changing our world. This advancement leads to the massive emergence of smartphone applications that have transformed our world in the most unexpected way.

In our world today, apps for smartphones have become a stimulating part of growing and expanding your business. When we think of the most potent modern technology, the name of smartphones and apps lead the chart. Undoubtedly, the popularity of smartphones apps has grown stupendously. And this also increases the demand for mobile app development companies.

Apps have outpaced websites and other mediums by becoming the most practical approach for achieving business goals and providing a prominent solution to substantialized the solution of brand awareness. This also opens tons of opportunities and new gates for app development companies as it gives them an unfancied surge in getting the perfect return on their investment.

And when we talk of mobile applications, Appleā€™s iOS is an incredible and cutting-edge technology for creating high-end and top-class performing apps on iPhone, iPads, iWatch, iTV, and wearable devices. And this is a primary reason why more and more businesses are increasingly inclined towards creating iOS apps for their business to capture a unique market and elevate their business goals.

On top of that, it is developed by the most powerful operating system, i.e., Apple. And it gives users unmatched benefits to grow and scale their business in the most excellent way. But in order to develop an iOS application, it is significant to understand the basic processes, technology stack, and programming languages involved in creating the most functional iOS app.

Today, most internet accesses have been made via mobile devices. And nearly half of them have been made from iOS specific. The selection of a programming language matters a lot. It entirely changes the concept and scope of your project by enabling you the perfect way to use a programming language. Having said that how to site, here are the 5 best programming languages for creating an iOS app.


Objective-C is one of the most famous programming languages for iOS applications. It is an extension of the C language, which has specific and high-class programming capacities. On the chart of stability, Objective-C is more stable, consistent, and compatible than Swift. Moreover, the capabilities with C++ and C libraries serve as a cherry on top. Here are a few additional ways that make Objective-C the perfect choice for development companies.

  • On the basis of popularity, Objective-C is of high reputation. As of now, not all but many development companies prefer using Objective-C as their programming language for the project. But it may also differ on the basis of requirements regarding the project.
  • Objective-C is a more stable and mature programming language than many other programming languages.


Swift is undoubtedly the best programming language for the development of iOS. It is an open-source language that is perfect for the development of an iOS application. Moreover, it is also a free language combined with incredible potential to give a pair of wings to your designed application. Here are a few things about the Swift programming language that you must know;

  • Swift programming language is indisputably famous among the top app development companies all over the world. It is the future of developing high-class iOS apps. According to the PYPL popularity index of 2021, Swift stands among the top 10 languages for iOS app development.
  • There are some reputed and recognized brands that use Swift programming language like LinkedIn, Apple, Slack, Mozilla Firefox, SoundCloud, and WordPress.
  • Considering the easiness of learning, Swift is incredibly easier to learn and grow in.
  • On top of that, it is also flexible, safe, and less prone to errors.


Talking of another powerful and pliable programming language, C++ is sure to take its place in the list of the best programming language. Over the years, it has become one of the most sought-after programming languages for iOS app development companies. Here are a few things to know about the C++ programming language that might help you in decision making;

  • C++ is the language that is reputed as the high-class programming language for iOS Mac Screenshot app development by Wikipedia.
  • According to the PYPL popularity index of 2021, C++ is among the top 5 languages for iOS app development.
  • C++ iOS app development stands out for general purposes and has become the most powerful and fast in performance.
  • C++ is a powerful development language that gives seamless results for high-end users.


Python is a famous programming language that has gained immense popularity in the development market. Still, there are tens of thousands of developers around the world who focus on Python for their app development process. Here are a few ways that outpace other programming languages as compared to Python;

  • Developers around the world choose Python as their programming language after checking for all the outpacing features it encapsulates.
  • There is no doubt about it how famous and glorious the Python programming language is for development teams for the desirable results.
  • Considering its popularity, Python stands above all its competitors by gaining the number 1 spot on the PYPL popularity index in 2021.
  • Python also tops the list because of its game-changing features like interactive-based app feature, rich-quality creation process, and stable results without shakiness.


Let’s not forget about another great programming language for iOS applications, and that is HTML 5. It is known for the game-changing results in terms of structure and meaning of the app. Here are a few benefits of using HMTL 5 as your programming language for creating an iOS platform;

  • HTML 5 is the latest programming language for the excellent development of the iOS application.
  • Among the most famous programming languages globally, HTML 5 stands on the second spot remaining a highly proficient app for quality results.
  • HTML 5 also comes with the most modern development practices considering the choice of top-notch development teams.
  • Another advantage of HTML 5 is that it is easy to learn and execute. Furthermore, it has an incredible, cost-effective method for excellent results.

The Final Takeaway

So, here we are with the five most used and sought-after programming languages for excellent results. Reading about these programming languages for the development of the iOS app will certainly lead you in the right direction to take your project towards exceeding results.

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