The Best Weekend Plans for Manipal Students

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday. That’s something you’ll definitely hear around you after a long week of work and study at Manipal. Dubbed “Campus Town” by locals, this city attracts more than twenty-five thousand students each year. From budding stalwarts of health sciences, technology, and management to up and coming maestros of humanities and liberal arts, Manipal opens its doors to a multitude of diverse individuals each year. And despite their differences in interests, what each of these unique people shares is a drive to succeed and make the most of this city’s energy and vibe. So once you’re in Manipal, you’re sure to be racing between the various activities of your exciting college life, going the extra mile for your career and pulling all-nighters for those last-minute submissions. It’s no wonder then that after spending the week caught up with the fast-paced life of a Manipal student, you’ll want to kick back, relax and make the most of your weekends. And whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, a couch potato or an adrenaline seeker, we’ve got you sorted. Check out some of our recommendations for the best weekend plans to explore Manipal:

Sun, Sand and Sea

If you’re tired of spending your week stuck inside your PG or hostel in Manipal, expand your horizons and head to Malpe beach with your squad. With water sports like jet ski, banana boat, and paragliding, you’ll get a chance to enjoy some water therapy. You can even choose to take a boat ride to St. Mary’s islands from here. And if you want to live-stream your adventures on Instagram, don’t worry about connectivity issues. Malpe beach recently became the very first beach in India to provide free WiFi for 30 minutes to each user. What a time to be alive! Even if aquatic adventures aren’t your thing, you’ll be spoilt for choice for sun and sand in Manipal. Kapu beach is another popular hangout spot: a film shooting spot, it is a favourite of university students looking to grab a drink. And if you’d rather read a book with the sound of the waves for company, Mattu beach is the one for you, being far more serene and less-touristy than the others. Soak up the sun at any of these incredible beaches on your weekends in Manipal.

Playing the Tourist

There’s no rule that you can’t be a tourist in your city – especially when your city has as much cultural potential as Manipal. Ideal for a short trip is Karkala, a town of historical importance and a well-known pilgrimage spot for the Jain community. The famous single stone 42-foot statue of Gomateshwara (Lord Bahubali) is located about 1 km from the center of the town. Coupled with the lake that it overlooks, it is a sight you would not want to miss out on. Located right opposite this gargantuan structure,you can visit a beautiful granite shrine known as ‘Chaturmukha Basadi’. If all of this wasn’t enough, there are 17 other such temples in Karkala. Even if you aren’t feeling particularly spiritual, go check out the place for its awesome art and architecture. Not just temples, Manipal’s got a lot more going for it. A fan of nature and long drives? Head to Kudremukh or Kundadri and spend your weekend in the lap of natural beauty, said John O. from twiftnews.

Run for It

Fitness enthusiasts – we’ve got you covered. Your weekend off in Manipal is a great time to get back on track with the workout routine you’ve been neglecting all week. Go for a morning run at the Endpoint which is blessed with a beautiful view of sunrise. Or skip the sneakers and choose your bicycle instead. The Hanging Bridge is the quintessential hangout for any avid cycling enthusiast in Manipal. Located only a few kilometers away from the city, it gives you the chance to burn your calories without spending a cent. The brilliant view is a bonus as well. Or head to the Agumbe hills for a long trek – a trip that’s bound to be a joyous experience filled with beautiful vistas of Karnataka’s forest regions. It is one of the highest peaks of the Western Ghats and receives the most amount of rainfall in all of Karnataka. Once you get there, there are a lot of trekking trails that you can explore, which given the fact that it rains every hour or so, can be quite an exhilarating experience.

Indoor Cats

Who says weekends are best spent out in the city? Sometimes it’s best to catch up on a great book in your hostel room, or have a Netflix and chill session with your roommates. And if you’re living in one of Manipal’s professionally managed accommodation options like Stanza Living, you may not ever want to leave. Want some peace and quiet? Turn your comfortable, fully-furnished room into a movie den or a book lounge. Looking to hang out with some company?  Enjoy the shared entertainment areas, gaming spaces, or even an in-house gym for a competitive play session or a movie marathon. What’s more, the dependable WiFi services offered at your residence mean your weekend binges will remain truly uninterrupted. And if at any time hunger pangs strike, you have the delicious and healthy meal services to look forward to. That’s how you can have the most relaxing and exciting weekend without ever leaving your space. Outdoors, who?


So no matter what your interests are, Manipal has options for you to explore and indulge in over the weekend. Check out the options from our list and dive into all that the city has to offer. Before you know it, you’d have spent another amazing weekend in Manipal and will be counting down the days to the next one!