The most fashionable eyewear 2020


Why do your eyeglasses have to be boring and plain when you can choose from the gorgeous variety of glasses frames from the eyewear trends 2021 collection. If you realise that your frame is the most intimate accessory on your face, you would want to choose your next pairs of glasses very carefully. The new collection is adorned by both fresh styles and retro classics. Here are the top eyewear trends of 2020:

  1. Cat-eye glasses

With upswept rims giving a winged-liner look, cat-eye glasses help to uplift your face and add a charm to it. Fancy a bossy babe vibe? Try a sharp pair of cat-eyeglasses. While vintage cat-eye glasses have been a popular choice for women’s glasses, men can also experiment with this style to portray their bold and aesthetic self.

  1. Oversized glasses

The abundant number of fresh oversized glasses designs clearly show that the pandemic has influenced this year’s fashion trends. While experts believe that these face-shielding glasses can provide some amount of shielding against the virus, the huge glasses make the wearer feel protected from the deadly virus. Chunky and thick rim oversized glasses are in high demand this season.

  1. Rectangular glasses

There’s nothing more decent and basic than a plain pair of sharp rectangular glasses. This season, they rage in transparent front frames, pretty tortoiseshell print or thick rims, peculiar to rectangular sunglasses. As the sharp edges add angles and depth to your face, rectangular glasses look best on people with soft and round shaped faces.

  1. Transparent glasses

If you are looking for an ultra-modern and furnished vibe, tinted transparent frames can help to add a radiant charm to your face while also widening your field of vision. Clear glasses are glamorous without being too much on the face’. There are experimental designs with transparent frame front and metal temples or transparent upper rim and metal lower rims.

  1. Round glasses

The cool and vintage round glasses are never out of style. They are comfortable as they give wide space for the lenses and add a quirky appeal to your personality. The latest designs are available in transparent acetate while thin rim metal round glasses still are the most popular choice among the masses. Round glasses suit best on square shaped faces as they soften their sharp cheekbone and jawlines.

  1. Wooden glasses

Though wooden glasses were always a part of several eyewear collections on the internet, they were never too popular due to the impractical designs. This year, with modern materials, designs and innovations, wooden glasses have finally made it to the list of eyewear trends of the season.

  1. Aviator glasses

When a lot of hollywood celebrities are seen sporting flat top-line glasses this season, aviator glasses and aviator sunglasses still remain the most demanded eyewear in the stores. The teardrop frame offers more space for a wide lens and the dual or triple bridge works to define your browline while adding an element of charm and fashion to your look.

  1. Geometric glasses

Funky geometric glasses in thick oversized rims and elegant thin metal rims are the latest trend of the season that look graceful both on men and women. Find a stunning variety in hexagon glasses, octagon, pentagon, square, rectangle and unique geometrical shapes. The sharp and interesting angles of geometric glasses are a fashionable way to accentuate your facial features and add funk to your look.

  1. Tortoiseshell glasses

Bored of plain and regular black, brown, maroon and grey? Try tortoiseshell printed glasses when you need to dress up or dress down. When you buy prescription glasses online, you’ll notice that tortoiseshell glasses in different patterns are everywhere on the internet! Round glasses, rectangular glasses, geometric glasses, wayfarer glasses – there’s not one frame shape that you can’t find in tortoiseshell print.

  1. Statement glasses

You can also use your eyeglasses as a statement piece of accessory to compliment or pull together a gorgeous outfit. Embellished glasses with stones, beads, glossy acetate or highlighted temples, temple tips, frame edges or upper rims are also gaining popularity this fashion season.

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