The Most Popular Colors in High Heels that will Rule the Year 2022!

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Colors are a great way to express your inner style and showcase it beautifully to the world. The selection of the right colors and hues can make or break any look you have created. Colors have the ability to spice up any outfit, bring a burst of excitement, and make things moving. You can accentuate a look with bright hues or mellow down it a bit with monochromatic accessories. 

One such accessory which is in fact a necessity of any outfit is shoes and when you get them in the right colors then your OOTD reaches a whole new level altogether. If you’re a shoe fanatic like me, trust me this article is what you need before heading into the year 2022. Every shoe lover’s first love is high heels right, so let’s merge together colors and high heels to get the ultimate list of shoes to be worn in 2022!

We have been done with two seasons of 2022 and now we are headed straight to summer which is the season of practicality but with the right doses of sophistication and quirkiness. In order to nail your shoe game for this year, you need to have a variety of shoe styles ranging from platform heels to ballerina flats, from kitten heels to sporty sandals and from nude high heels to sneakers. Collecting the right shoe styles in the right colors will soar your looks for 2022 and become a staple in your wardrobe for the upcoming years. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to get all these styles of shoes, MISSLOLA has your back. We have the best shoe variety in the most affordable price range so that each one of your ladies can enjoy the fashion and ace it according to your taste.

The shoes trends that’ll be shared with you today for the year 2022 are all in beautiful bright colors as that is the trend of the year. We all have seen high street designers like ZARA pumping out shoe ranges in all these beautiful, fun and quirky colors. So now is our chance to follow suit and I’m here to help you.

Popular Colors in High Heels for the Year 2022

  1. Sporty Sandals

Let’s kick off with a shoe style that is not only super comfortable but also adds a few inches to your height. Sporty sandals in bright hues like orange, lemon yellow, bubble pink, and purple are the perfect shoes for walking your pet, running errands, going shopping in the mall, or having a quick drink break with friends. 

As we all know that athleisure has taken over the fashion industry and sporty sandals are the perfect shoes to go with your athleisure wear or loungewear as well. These sporty sandals are functional, practical, and stylish so go get your today In affordable prices from MISSLOLA!

  1. Mules

Channel your inner 90s diva with mules’ high heels that not only look uber chic with any outfit but also provide the needed support, grip, and comfort. Mules are perfect for all seasons, especially spring and summers when you need to give your feet the breathing room but also want to protect them from too much sun exposure. 

Mules have pretty much solidified their place in the world of shoes and now we are just seeing its variations. One such variation is bright-colored mules, which look very funky and chic. You can see various spin-offs of mules in animal prints, vinyl tops, the classic knotted Bottega Veneta mules or chunky chain topped ones. I love mules in bright colors as they can bring the right pop of colors but in the most subtle way.

  1. High Shine Heels

High-shine shoes are the perfect summer accessory to spice up any outfit. When the beaming sun rays bounce off from the metallic shoes they look breathtakingly beautiful and stylish. Many top-notch designers like Fendi, Dior, Tom Ford, Miu Miu, Blumarine, Simone Rocha, Max Mara, and Courreges have paired up these high shine shoes with their outfits to knock the looks out of the park.

If you aspire to give your outfits the chic designer look but at reasonable prices than MISS LOLA shoes are calling your name. Give your feet a disco ball galore and see how they soar the temperatures high!

  1. Platform Heels

What is better than the classic platform heels that literally take your feet to new heights? Platform heels are the uncomplicated versions of high heels as they do the same job but with a bit of cushion. 

This style has been dominating the ramps of all biggest fashion weeks as it makes any outfit look sleeker, chic and fashion-forward. Platform heels are getting drowned in colorful hues making them less somber and more in-your-face. I love platform heels that have strappy uppers making them very 90s yet so cool. Platform heels can vary in heights, colors, designs, and styles but one thing remains constant, the promise of making you feel confident with the right attitude and height.

  1. Out-of-the-Box Heels

The best way to make a statement these days is by wearing stilettos that have something quirky, and eccentric in their heels. Yes, trust me this is the latest trend that all the designers are banking on and joining the bandwagon frivolously. I have seen all kinds of quirky heels from birthday candles to broken eggshells to lipstick to dice as heels. 

All these high heels have one thing in common, they all give you the courage to free yourself from the restraints of society and embrace your inner child. These heels aren’t just eccentric from the heels but also from their uppers. You will find all kinds of bold, bright colors as well as studs, chains, and buckles on the top making these the ultimate chic shoe of the year 2022.

A Word from MISSLOLA

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