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What is an iCloud Unlock? 

Having an iCloud account is easy to use in data storing and data securing for Apple device users. When an iCloud account gets into use incorrectly, the users might get stuck inside the iCloud lock issue. Although the iCloud is very useful and easy to use, it might cause trouble when the security of the iCloud stands against the user. When the particular user uses the iCloud account inappropriately, the iCloud instantly gets lock. As the iCloud lock issue arises, the user has to unlock the iCloud to reaccess it. To continue accessing, use the iCloud Unlock method. 


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The users who have the iCloud lock issue have to stay on the activation screen of the iCloud until it gets unlock. Different kinds of unlocking systems are not valid for iCloud unlocking as the iCloud does not support all other methods. The iCloud Unlock method was introduce as the official method of iCloud reaccessing using assure steps. Without troubling yourself by using different anonymous methods over the internet, use the official Bypass system as iCloud Unlock. 

What is an iCloud? 

The iCloud server was introduce to give a secure method to keep the data secure. The iCloud account can create through any iDevice with the given steps on the system. An iOS device cannot complete in setting up without creating an iCloud account. 

The iCloud account can use in storing any data such as photos, videos, music, calendar, document, etc. The iCloud account has its unique activation lock. Without the activation lock, the iCloud account cannot access either. 

What is the iCloud Lock Issue? 

Once an iCloud account gets created, the users have to use it in the proper manner to keep it active. Otherwise, the iCloud account might get locked as the security system launched with the iCloud server. 

When creating an iCloud account, an activation lock was created as an Apple ID and the password. Without using the login credentials, the users cannot log into the iCloud account. 

As the Apple ID and the password have to use in accessing the iCloud account. The reasons behind the iCloud locked issue are based on the activation lock details. 

These are the main cautions for the iCloud locked issue. 

  • Forgets both the Apple ID and the password. 
  • Accessing the iCloud account using another device. 
  • Misplacing the iOS device. 

It is not necessary to use the activation lock details always. But, sometimes, the iCloud might ask for the iCloud logins while accessing the iCloud account. If the user does not use the relevant information, the iCloud account might get lock. 

But, there is a chance of resetting the forgotten password. The Apple ID should use in resetting the password. If not, the iCloud account might get lock permanently.

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The iCloud server gives access to its accounts through any iOS device model or through a Windows device. To access the iCloud completely, the Apple ID and the password should be in use. If not, the iCloud account will get lock. 

After misplacing an iOS device, the user has to face the iCloud lock issue in some cases. The data store inside the iCloud account should be remove before another one gets access iCloud account gets access. While accessing, if the activation lock was not use, the iCloud might get lock. 

Because of these issues, an iCloud account might get lock instantly. The users who are struggling with the iCloud lock issue can use the iCloud Unlock and activate the iCloud account. 

How to use the iCloud Unlock method? 

The iCloud Unlock is a simple method that can use in activating the iCloud within minutes. If the user is ready to begin the Bypass, use the iCloud Unlock as below. 

First, get the IMEI number related to the iCloud locked iOS device. The iCloud Bypass is a smooth procedure that depends on the iDevice IMEI number. If the user is not having the IMEI details on hand, it cannot go through the Bypass. 

To have the IMEI details, you can use the below steps through your iOS device. 

  • Dial 1*#06# 
  • Settings -> General -> IMEI number

If you have the IMEI details as above, begin the Bypass. 

  • Connect your iCloud-lock iOS device to a desktop. 
  • Access the iCloud Unlock method through the desktop. 
  • Choose the iCloud lock iOS device model.
  • Insert the IMEI number into the share space. 
  • Click on the “Unlock Now” button. 

Final words on iCloud Unlock

After all, steps get completed, the users can have the iCloud account get access permanently. If the user completes the whole method, the iCloud account can use again. 

While proceeding with the iCloud Bypass method, the users can follow the steps by going through the guidelines. The guidelines on the system will show the correct path of completing the whole bypassing system. The Bypass will confirm through a confirmation email. 

Without having hesitation, the users can activate any locked iCloud account using the iCloud Unlock method. 

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