The Rapid Rise of Disposable Vapes

In early 2021, the vape industry was disrupted by a new type of vape technology. It redefined the simplicity of vaping.

No need to add e-liquid to a vape device. No need to charge and recharge a battery. No need even to press any buttons.

Enter, disposable vapes.

Disposable vape devices – also known as disposable pods, disposable pens and disposable vape kits – require absolutely no setup before use.

Simply remove it from its packaging and take a draw.

The most notable of all disposable in the UK, a name you have likely heard, is Geek Bar.

Geek Bars  revolutionised disposable vapes just like iPhones revolutionised smartphones. It introduced the world to a new type of technology thanks to pure simplicity.

However, the rise of disposables wasn’t just because the devices were simpler to use than previous vape kits.

It was also even easier to use than a traditional cigarette, and that’s where the real impact originated from.

Smokers, Behold.

As we’re all aware, a traditional cigarette requires a lighter to ignite the cig before you can inhale the smoke.

Disregarding the fact that vapes are significantly less harmful than cigarettes, the real selling point lies in the fact that disposable vapes are ready to use straight out of the box.

That’s less hassle than a cigarette. It’s beautifully simple.

Even better, just one disposable vape is equivalent to an entire pack of 20 cigarettes. Yep, a whole pack. So it’s easier to use and more convenient to carry as your supply of nicotine.

Tobacco flavour? Why limit yourself.

Yes, it doesn’t end there. Cigarettes equal tobacco, with optional mint flavourings. That leads to another massive win for disposables: flavour choice.

Disposable vapes are available in various flavours, from fruits such as strawberry and mango to desserts such as ice cream. Not only are they more enjoyable for those vaping, but also definitely a prefered aroma to those nearby compared to tobacco odours.

Why ‘Geek Bars’?

As mentioned, Geek Bar is the disposable brand that made disposables known everywhere. Why they were responsible for the rapid rise of disposables is difficult to say, but a lot would come down to their choice of flavours.

Geek Bar flavours, such as their iconic Passion Fruits and Strawberry Ice Cream, are some of the most popular flavours in the disposable market right now. All available in 20mg (the maximum UK legal limit for vapes), they have served ex-smokers and vapers well as they continue to grow as the dominant disposable brand in the UK.

What about ‘Puff Bar’?

Of course, looking at the global market, we most definitely cannot ignore the iconic Puff Bar brand.

Making its debut in the US, Puff Bar trends went wild in the vaping scene. Smaller and more compact than Geek Bars, they were simply the vape device to go for and remain the no.1 disposable device across America.

While not as well known in the UK, ‘Puff Bar’ is still one of the top types of disposables. However, it’s known under a different label in the United Kingdom, and you may have heard of it. Beco Bar.

The Vaptio ‘Beco Bar’

Manufactured by Vaptio, Beco Bar is simply the UK’s equivalent of America’s Puff Bar. Identical in size, style and weight, it’s just as convenient and easy to use.

However, compared to the iconic Geek Bar, it simply isn’t as popular among Brits. Why? We’re unsure. Possibly because of the flavours. Maybe the style isn’t as appealing across the pond. Or it’s possible the brand name didn’t catch on quick enough to spread via word-of-mouth as quick as Geek Bars.

So What’s Next For Disposables?

Will disposables continue to grow in popularity? Will they completely eradicate and replace cigarettes and previous versions of vape devices? Or are they just a one-time trend doomed for failure?

It’s difficult to say. Disposables do have their downsides. Their non-recyclable batteries are most definitely bad for the environment. The fact they have no childproof features is a huge concern. The high MGs are also a worry for non-smokers who are pulled into vaping via disposables.

However, based on current trends, disposables look like they’ll stick around. Whether that’s for better or worse, it seems like the market is ultimately the judges here. After all, they dictate the future of disposables, so we’ll have to wait and see what they decide.

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