The Way Acuvue Moist Contacts Work

Are you looking for moist eye contact lenses? You can look for the order Acuvue moist contacts lenses. The beneficial and protective features make it one of the preferable lenses for eyes. Those who want to use contact lenses regularly should opt for moist contacts. Various online and local medical shops can give choices as per requirements.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Why Do Optometrists Preferably Prescribe Daily Contact Lenses? 

When you seek your optometrist’s advice while purchasing contact lenses, they often suggest you order Acuvue moist contacts. This is because daily disposables are one of the very easy ways of preventing overwearing. Often wearing for extensive hours leads to eye infections or any other issues. This is the reason most people prefer to wear glasses. Those who want to get rid of the glasses can use moist contacts to reduce the problems of overwearing. It is not possible for anyone to always open and wear lenses within specific timings. Doctors prefer to prescribe lenses which is easy to handle throughout the day on daily use. These disposable lenses are preferable as it helps in reducing eye irritation. As well as it provides comfort to the eyes after wearning. Every pair of contact lenses are being designed to work for a specific period. When you push the same, your contacts start cutting off more oxygen to your eyes and it is lesser than the required level of oxygen. This eventually damages your eyesight.

Daily disposables would make this easier for you to remember to simply take the lenses out & toss your contacts at the end of the day. So, you would not have to keep a track of one pair for a week. When you open up a fresh pair of lenses each day, there is a very small chance of the buildup of bacteria or any other dangerous contamination. To reduce the chances of infections as well as improve the health problems it the lenses are appropriate so you should order Acuvue moist contacts.

LACREON Technology & UV Protection 

To provide you with the best & most comfortable contact lens experience possible, the 1-Day Acuvue moist has been developed using LACREON Technology, a characteristic technology that very well utilizes embedded wetting agents in the contact lenses for releasing hydration and moisture throughout the entire wear. The water level is higher that eases the lens to insert in the eyes.

You should order Acuvue moist contacts made out of UV blockers for protecting your eyesight and keeping the sun rays away from damaging your corneas, these contact lenses undeniably offer extra protection and a sense of safety to your mind. However, the experts suggest wearing sunglasses with your contacts when you go out in the sun as the contacts do not offer 100% protection of your eyes against UV rays.

Is It Advisable To Sleep While Wearing Acuvue Moist Contacts? 

Daily contacts should never be slept in as they are meant for less than 24-hour wear. Overwearing these contact lenses can indeed cause some serious and unrepairable damage to your eyes like affecting your eyesight. So, the optometrists always suggest throwing away the Acuvue Moist Contacts at the end of every day and open up a fresh pair the next day. No need to dip the lenses in solutions and maintain them. As the Acuvue moist lenses can be used and thrown after every use.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses


Order Acuvue moist contacts for comfortable contact lenses wearing experience, to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and to keep the optimum amount of oxygen flowing to your eyes by disposing of a pair by the end of the day and wear a new pair the next day.