Three Easy Ways to Live a Simpler Life

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We live in a fast-paced world that is dominated by technology, consumerism, and an innate dependency on technological devices. While this might look like heaven for some, others look for ways to live a simpler life. If this sounds familiar, you are here at the right place as we want to help you keep things as simple as possible, incorporate minimalism, and live mindfully.

Here are three ways to live a simpler life:


Simplify Your Living Space

One’s living space setting depends on their personal preferences and choices. While you might want to decorate things less, you might also consider changing your apartment for a pole barn house, be closer to nature, and have a relatively less-cluttered life. If this sounds pleasing, you might want to get in touch with the best pole barn services.

However, having a less-cluttered living space doesn’t mean that things have to be necessarily boring. For instance, you could set up simplistic decorations around the house instead of going wild on the walls. You might want to opt for one family picture on the table and one scented candle on the kitchen counter. A vase of fresh flowers can also add a touch of freshness without cluttering the space.


Turn off Notifications

To live a mindful and simpler life, you might want to limit screen time. If you are working from home and have to spend a certain number of hours on your laptop/ desktop, you might want to use the weekends for your benefit. What you can do is to turn off notifications on your laptop and smartphone over the weekend and just practice living in the present.

Notifications can become very disruptive in our daily lives and distract us from being present. You might have experienced it many times during family gatherings or dining with your friends; people are glued to their smartphones, engaged with the incoming notification, which can be quite annoying.

That said, you can live a simpler life by simply eliminating some of the notifications. Try it today and see the massive difference that it makes.


Enjoy Life

Believe it or not, our lives could be so much easier and simpler if we would make the right decisions of letting go of the past and stop worrying about the future, taking one step at a time, and doing things that we enjoy. Take your job, for example. Do you enjoy what you do, or do you do it only because it pays your bill? While paying bills is important, enjoying one’s job is as important; else, it would turn into slavery.

Besides, all work and no play make us very stressed out, which is why it is important to take out some time every day, and indulge in some activity that would make us the happiest. It could be anything; anything that you like to do, such as cooking, baking, painting, going for a walk, writing, and talking to your friends and family.