Tips for local estate agents using Google AdWords

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Are you a local real estate agent looking to sell or rent to homeowners in your area? If that’s the case, Google Ads is the channel for you. You may get your name and contact information in front of motivated homeowners who are interested in selling at the exact moment they are most likely to consider hiring an agent. This post will show you how to use Google Ads while engaging in digital marketing for estate agents to better target potential clients in your area. The goal is to assist you to get the most out of your money so that your estate agency can produce more leads and sales.

Choose the appropriate keywords

The first and most crucial step is to select the appropriate keywords. This means you’ll need to figure out what words and phrases homeowners use when looking for an agent to assist them to sell or renting their homes. Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Moz’s Keyword Explorer can be used to conduct keyword research. When searching, it’s critical to grasp the user’s intent. When a user searches, their intent is what they want to accomplish. User purpose can be divided into four categories: navigational, informational, commercial, and transactional. It’s best to choose keywords that will help you get commercial or transactional traffic.

Choose the appropriate spots

Google Advertising allows you to target specific places, which is ideal for estate agents who want to ensure that their ads are seen by local homeowners. People looking for services in a specific town, city, or even postcode can be targeted. While doing digital advertising for estate agents selecting areas or providing postcodes is one approach to ensure you’re targeting the appropriate individuals in the correct places. This offers you, the estate agent, complete control over the boundaries of the area where your ads will be shown to potential house sellers.

The radius targeting option in Google Ads might be a terrific method to reach out to potential customers in your area. When employing radius targeting, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

To begin, double-check that your desired location is appropriately depicted on your map. If you don’t, you can find up targeting people who live outside of your target demographic. Second, you must consider the radius of your circle.

You might not reach enough potential clients if it’s too small. On the other side, if it’s too big, you can end up wasting money on advertising that isn’t likely to be interested in your company.

Create a national and local campaign

The structure of your campaign will have an impact on how well your ads perform and how much control you have over where they appear. For example, estate brokers on a tight budget should limit themselves to using solely a Search Network campaign. Even though Display Select Selected allows you to reach a broader audience, the traffic is less motivated, leading to greater prices and fewer leads.

There are many ways to structure campaigns, but one option is to do it depending on the locations and keyword groupings you’re targeting.  

Exact Match or Phrase

In Google Ads, there were three sorts of phrase match settings:

Broad match – This keyword match type allows your ad to appear for misspellings, plural forms, related queries, and other relevant variations of your phrase.

Phrase match – More precise than wide match, phrase match allows your ad to appear only when someone searches for your exact keyword phrase or a close variation of it.

Exact match — this is the most specific keyword match setting, meaning your ad will only appear when someone searches for your exact keyword phrase, with no variations.

There are now only two; as of February 2021, ‘wide match’ has adopted the phrase match’s behavior.

It is suggested that you utilize a mix of words and exact matches. There will be fewer impressions if you use ‘exact match.’

However, it will result in greater click-through rates (CTR), whereas a match will result in more impressions but a lower CTR, although it will still provide useful traffic.

Make use of Google’s ad management services

There are a few companies that specialize in Google Ad management for Estate Agents. These companies will research, plan, design, and maintain high-quality, relevant Google Ads for you, so you don’t have to. A skilled Google Ads manager can also give you useful information about your ads and their target viewers.

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