Top 10 Job Interview Tips through video conferencing

Due to this major COVID-19 pandemic, many changes are observed from business sectors, to all the private and government jobs. As the spreading of the virus has brought lockdown into the whole world, everything went on the stand and is still conditioned.

In order to restrict the contact between the employees the business and many industries have been forced to shut down their operations across the globe. In order to maintain social distance, the world of the internet is in huge demand.

Scientific technology has been proved to be a saviour as all the employees have been working from home online. As we see the changes, the schools, colleges have started online lectures and various training institute started online instructor-led learning for the students. Company has started having meetings through virtual video conferencing.

They have also started hiring new employees through virtual interviews. Even before the global pandemic started, Google has announced to take the interviews of the job seekers virtually. Now, many of you might not be knowing how to represent yourself in a virtual interview.

So, as virtual cloud lab for online examination is going to be a new experience for many of the job seekers, here in this article we have discussed top 10 tips you must follow to get verified for your job. Let’s have a look at 10 major points you must always look into.

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Firstly, before your video interview starts,

  1. Preparation of Interview:

You should be always punctual for your interview. Before an interview, check into all the documents needed. There should be no interruption in between the interview so confirm your internet connections and prevent noise destruction.

Inform your family members about your interview so that there should not be any physical disruptions in between the ongoing interview.

  • Add secure set up:

Before you start your video, set your camera in the proper angle and position so that you are visible to them correctly. This will also help you to interact well with an interviewee. Try to keep your camera and eye level the same and look straight.

You should practise looking into the camera lens instead of looking on video feed. Ensure that there is enough amount of light in your room. Lacking light leads to granny video and it might lead to bad impact on video quality massively.

  • Install suggested App or Software:

Usually, the company suggests the name of the app or software on which they would be taking an interview. You should be prepared for the app by filling all the important registration processes. Download the app a day before if you don’t have much knowledge about it.

  •  Do a small research of the company:

It is very necessary to know all the basic things about the company in which your interview is being held. Answering the questions related to the company would create a nice impression of yours. Always be prepared for basic interview questions related to your job.

As the interview is virtual, keep the sheet of all the important noted points beside you. This would act as a backup plan when your mind gets blank.

  • How to dress during a Virtual Interview?

 Always remember that your first impression is the last impression. So always dress properly during an interview. You should know about the dressing code of your company and dress accordingly. In most of the companies, casual dressing as per etiquettes is the norm.

Well ironed clothes should be worned. Women candidates should wear subtle makeup and no heavy jewellery and dress formally.

  • What to do in an ongoing interview?

Well for the interviewee, it gets easy to go with the flow of judging the confidence and body language of the candidate in an in-person interview. But when it comes for the virtual interview, it becomes quite difficult to observe the gesture of the candidate.

So, you should be aware of how to behave and keep your body straight and in an upward position. Avoid making too many hand gestures as they do not have much impact as seen in in-person interviews.

  •   Concentrate on your facial expressions:

Facial expressions suggest your thoughts of mind. Have a big smile on your face and represent yourself as a confident job seeker. Feel enthusiastic that would create a sense of connection between both.

Lined forehead or frozen expression creates a negative impression in front of the interviewer.

  •   What after the virtual interview?

Once you get to the end with your interview try to collect all the basic information such as the next steps and be in touch for profit. Next steps include the questions like when is the second interview held? What would be the hiring process in the second stage of the interview?

You must prepare for the question and ask relevant questions related to the company that would help you to decide which company to choose for the job.  

  • Basic requirements a company needs:

It is very important to have all your basic details to the company. So, mention all the information asked and represent yourself accordingly. Note: represent yourself with good bio and with an impression of a responsible employee everyone needs.

Majorly, all the asked information includes your name, Gmail id, phone number, address, your current and before working name of the company. After filling this all details send them thank you notes through email.

  • Always keep your back up plan:

It’s quite normal to let the things go against your planning. Things may go wrong no matter how much you have worked for it.  So to have a backup plan always works.

You might face certain difficulties in the interview like your video stops working or noise interruption. So it is necessary to keep the phone number where you can inform them for facing certain technical difficulties.

In this way, you can reschedule your interview some other day. Sometimes, no matter how your interview went but wrapping up nicely can leave a good impression of yours. Whether it be a virtual interview, you should always prepare a bottom line.

Professional credentials and core skills are seen during the selection process. In wrapping up, do not forget to give a vote of thanks to an interviewee as soon as the interview ends.

Thus, above-mentioned were the top 10 tips of job interviews through video conferencing.