Top Reasons for Conducting Vehicle Branding Marketing Campaigns

From the humble stickers on car bumpers to full-blown elaborate vehicle graphics, there are very few methods of business promotion as effective and affordable. Vehicle stickers have not only held their sway, but are increasingly becoming popular even when digital marketing is making quick inroads into the strongholds of traditional advertising like newspapers, TV, and billboards. Some of the main reasons why businesses should consider including vehicle branding in their brand and sales promotion campaigns:

Increased Exposure to Target Customers

One of the most compelling reasons for carrying out vehicle branding campaigns is that the exposure is not limited to people in just one place like a conventional billboard or a window graphic. With the vehicle moving around, many more people get the opportunity to see the advertising message, and that too round-the-clock, even when the vehicle is parked. Stickers that are innovatively designed will usually be able to do a great job in eliciting responses from the target audience.

Caters to a Broad-Spectrum Audience

Bumper stickers are ideal for businesses that offer products and services used by audiences with different demographics. Since a vehicle branding exercise does not target specific audiences because it can be seen by everyone passing by, it is a great medium for targeting mass audiences. With a properly designed car sticker, you can catch the attention of any potential customer regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, or occupation. Car decals have a universal appeal and are bound to have an impact on all potential customers making them extremely cost-effective.

Social Media with a Difference 

In a day and age, where most people are accustomed to expressing their views and status on social media, it can be surprising to know that in many ways a bumper sticker can be likened to an age-old social media. These stickers can be used to express your opinion on virtually anything you care about, make a witty or sarcastic comment, or simply promote your brand in an innovative way. A well-designed sticker can spark off a conversation and have the potential of becoming viral on modern-day social media bringing with it a lot of exposure to the brand.

Long Display Life

When printed using good quality materials, vehicle stickers can have a life going up to several years even when exposed to the elements. You can use vehicle graphics to cover paint on your vehicle that has been scratched or faded. The long life of stickers along with its very modest cost of printing makes for an excellent ROI. Depending on your requirements, you can keep on changing the stickers as and when you want without any damage to your vehicle. This makes it possible for you to keep on modifying your promotional campaigns at a very low cost. According to CashurDrive, vehicle branding can increase your brand reach significantly.


Apart from their versatility, long life, low cost, and excellent ROI, vehicle stickers can be customized fully according to your specific requirements. Depending on the space available you can make stickers of different sizes and shapes using a combination of attractive graphics and powerful text. Further, since the vehicles have no restrictions in movement, you can be sure of getting greater exposure.