Types of Web Hosting

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is now on the internet. Do you want to promote your product, share your thoughts by creating content or blog writing? Sharing in this virtual world is the easiest way to connect with more people. You can do all this by a website. You can also make a career on the internet with this. But, before opening a website, you should read the “SightGround review” for more updated information. You also should know about website hosting. Without knowledge of web hosting, you couldn’t run your site comfortably. This article has given a detailed list of web hosting types and how it works.

Classifications of web hosting:

The hosting provider offers various kinds of hosting packages. Every type of hosting packages is different from others. Let’s take a look:

  • Shared Hosting: This is the beginner-friendly option for site creators. You can manage your hosting service without technical skills. If you have a low budget and don’t need so much space, then you can buy this service. Here, you have to share a server with many other people. 
  • VPS hosting: Virtual Private Server hosting is mostly similar to shared hosting. Here you are allowed to use many servers’ resources, but it will work like one server. In this service, you have private RAM, hard disk, CPU to use. This hosting is also safer than shared hosting, and it has more speed.
  • Reseller hosting: Do you want to enter into the site hosting business? Then this package is suitable for you. You can purchase this from a hosting company, make a website, and resell it to third parties. Here your position will work as a site hosting provider.
  • Dedicated hosting: Dedicated hosting allows you full administrative power oof controlling your server with full root access. It’s like the whole server is yours, and you can install any software you want to do. This web hosting is the most secure service. But this hosting package is costly to buy.
  • Cloud hosting: This is a newer form of hosting. However, it will quickly become a premier form of hosting as it is more available today. It can scale up and down in real-time, and you have to pay for your current use. So, it is also so flexible. 
  • WordPress hosting: If you want to open a WordPress site, you should take this hosting service. If your site is not large, then you will not face any problem with other hosting services. But a place with a big size which has much traffic should need a WordPress hosting package. 

How web hosting works

You need to host your website. Otherwise, it won’t be active on the net. You need a space that always has a connection to the internet. Anyone can search this and visit this; you can buy the space to store your site files from hosting providers. When someone searches your domain name on the internet, he is mainly searching for your IP address. This IP address will bring him to your hosting provider server and will show him your website.


You can see, without getting service from a web hosting provider, you can’t run your site accurately. Here are all the different types of web hosting services and packages. First, you have to think about what kind of website you will develop and which web hosting you need. Are you a beginner? The shared hosting option would be best for you. Again, if you are thinking about starting your web hosting business, you can take service from reseller web hosting. You also should check your hosting providers. Make sure they will give you the best service according to their customer plan.