Veibae Face Reveal : Her Real Name, Age, Net Worth

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Veibae Face Reveal

  1. Veibae is a virtual Youtuber based in the United Kingdom.
  2. She began uploading videos on YouTube on May 9, 2020, and partnered with VShojo on April 9, 2021.
  3. She is popular with gamers and people who enjoy Japanese culture.
  4. She recently revealed her face, and since then has been promoting merch and a face reveal event.

Veibae announced her reveal via Twitter, saying she was going live in 20 minutes. Veibae has over 350 thousand followers on Twitch and has over ten million YouTube subscribers.

Face Reveal

  • The revealing of her face has gained her many fans and merchandise.
  • Although she is not known for her real name, Vei has a following on social media.


  • Veibae is a popular Vlogger and Twitch streamer.
  • Her live-streaming streams have reached over 350k viewers.
  • Although she isn’t a household name in the United States, Veibae’s popularity has spread to the West.

Veibae Overview

  • Veibae was born in Japan to a Japanese family.
  • Though her real name is unknown, she is of Japanese ancestry.


The young lady attended a private school in her hometown.

Family Details

  • She has not shared much information about her family history.
  • Veibae was born into an English family and is a vlogger. 


  • Veibae is currently single and uses the handle “Vei” in her videos.
  • Her latest tweet shows that she is currently dating a boy and has been in one relationship since April 2018.
  • She is in a relationship with a Korean man.


There are no known details about her education.

Net Worth

  • Veibae’s income is estimated at $160 to $250K per month.
  • Her Twitch decoration has given her a huge fan base.
  • Her discourteous chat-style has garnered her followers, and she considers herself a hero and entertainer.

Twitter Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Veibae IRL?

Veibae is a South Korean gamer who is popular on the Twitch network.

She started making videos on social networks, including Twitter and has expanded her reach to other social networks.

She has also posted a picture of a woman on Facebook.

This image was part of an article promoting a potential product that she created.

As of the writing of this article, she had not revealed her real name or revealed her face.

Whether or not this image is of her is unclear.

How Old is Veibae IRL?

The popular British VTuber, streamer, and social media influencer Veibae is 30 years old.


She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 55 kg (121 pounds).

Body measurements

Her measurements are 32-24-35 inches.

Eyes & Hair Color

She has blue eyes and naturally blonde hair.

Personal life

Her bio and social media presence do not provide much information about her personal life.

Is Veibae a Succubism?

  • Veibae, also known as a “succubism”, is a fictional character from the anime series Genshin Impact.
  • She has blue eyes, long white hair, pointed ears, and a black tail.
  • In her 2D model, she has dark red horns, whereas her previous 3D model has black horns.
  • Veibae wears various outfits, and her twitch streams are rated 18+.

Who is Ironmouse?

  • Ironmouse is a demon queen from the underworld for those who don’t know.
  • She is so obsessed with the human culture that she became a B-Girl.
  • This obsession led her to stream, which she called a “playdate.”
  • She can capture and absorb the soul energy of her viewers.
  • She is scheduled to stay live for two hours and forty minutes.
  • It is still unclear if she will stay live for that long, but she is sure to keep fans happy in the process.

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