VPS vs Dedicated Server: What’s the Difference?

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There are more than a billion websites currently on the world wide web today. Each of these websites needs to choose one of several hosting options to secure its space online. If you’re trying to figure out the best hosting option for your website, you’re far from alone.

Two popular hosting options are VPS and dedicated servers. But what are the primary differences between a VPS vs dedicated server? Continue reading to find out.

What Is VPS?

VPS stands for virtual private server. If you choose a VPS, you share a server’s resources with other users, but you have your own dedicated space.

For example, if a server has a total of ten GB of RAM, your website may have one GB of dedicated space. Unlike shared hosting, this is your space, and all the resources on that share of the server are yours to use however you like.

To divide resources between customers, VPS hosting companies use something called hypervisors. These hypervisors create virtual machines for each customer.

While VPS hosting provides numerous benefits over shared hosting options, there’s one big downside that some people may feel is a deal-breaker. Since you don’t own the physical hardware, you can’t make any changes or customizations.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a server entirely dedicated to your websites, which you don’t have to share (physically or virtually) with anyone else. The best dedicated server will allow ample space for one or more websites.

The most significant advantage to a dedicated server is the ability to customize the hardware as you’d like. You’ll have complete control over every aspect of the server because you don’t have to share the physical hardware with anyone else.

However, a dedicated server can cost a lot of money. Even the cheapest dedicated servers are significantly more expensive than a virtual private server. As you check out this page, you’ll understand this is the only significant downside to VPS.

VPS vs. Dedicated Server: Key Differences and Similarities

The key differences between a VPS vs. dedicated server are as follows:

  • You share the physical hardware with a VPS but don’t with a dedicated server
  • Using a VPS is significantly more cost-effective because you’re sharing physical resources
  • You have more control and customization options with a dedicated server
  • Although a VPS is generally more cost-efficient than a dedicated server, there are some situations where the opposite is true. For example, if you need to host multiple sites, a dedicated server may be the better choice financially.

However, both options allow you to have your own dedicated virtual space. This makes both options superior to shared hosting options.

Learn More About the Differences of a VPS vs. Dedicated Server

The key difference between a VPS and a dedicated server is how much physical resources you own. If you’d like to go more in-depth in how a VPS vs. dedicated server stack up, check out our other blog posts. You’ll find more valuable articles to help you make your decision.